Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp...where to begin....

Last week we attended our YoungLives camp (ministry for teen moms) with some of our girls. The camp was in Arizona and was at a gorgeous location. Now, getting to and from camp was quite the experience!!!! Let's start from the beginning.....
We all meet to catch our flight at 4:30 AM, flight was great, Cole did great, he pretty much slept the whole time. We arrive at the Phoenix airport around 7:45 AM and now the bad part begins. We have to sit at the airport till 1:30 till the other groups arrive. 6 hours in an airport is bad to begin with, but when you throw in a couple babies, it makes it that much harder. The other groups finally get there and we leave Phoenix at 1:30. We now have a 3 hour bus drive. Again, Cole did great, he slept for most of the drive and then played with the other girls. The girls that were in our group were so good about giving me a break and played with Cole.
We finally arrive at camp....YAY!!!! Wait, not so fast. While we are checking in, the camp finds out that a leader on our bus had flu-like symptoms and because all the YoungLife camps have been taking this whole flu thing very seriously, they decide to quarantine our entire bus. We had to sit on the bus for another 45 minutes and then they transfered us to the gym. We had to sit in the gym for a few hours with no luggage, screaming babies and to make it worse, we had to just sit there and watch the rest of the camp have fun. My mom had also made the trip so that she could babysit Cole so when she was told we were in quarantine and she wasn't going to be able to hold her grandson, she flipped out and decided to be in quarantine with us...ha! We went to bed that night not knowing if they were going to send us home the next day, we were basically waiting on the doctors to tell us what the flu-lady had. If it was super contagious then we were all going to be sent home. However, we woke up the next morning to great news!!! We were no longer in quarantine and we could stay at camp!! We were so excited, because if we were told that we were going to have to go back into quarantine for another day, I think I would have gone crazy.
The rest of the week was amazing! We all had a blast. There were so many fun activities, the food was great and the speakers were awesome, they really hit home with some of these girls. We really got to know our girls and formed some great bonds with them. Having my mom there was a complete life-saver. I would have totally been uncomfortable leaving him with a caretaker that didn't know him, but my mom knows his schedule and tried to keep him on it as much as possible. By the end of the week though, Cole had just about had it and wanted to get home. He was pretty out of sorts and wanted to just be in his bed.
The week winds down and we ended the week with a bang and we all had a great time. We get on the bus for our 3 hour bus ride back to Phoenix and luckily we are the first ones to depart so we don't have to wait at the airport very long. Oh wait...not so fast!!!! We get ready to board and they announce, "there is a hydrolic leak on the plane, we aren't going anywhere". Awesome! Our flight was canceled and because we weren't the first ones in line to make other arrangements, we had to stay the night in Phoenix and catch a flight the next morning. Now, this situation isn't so bad, except for the fact that they send our luggage on another flight, so all our luggage was in Dallas and we were left with nothing. We had babies with us, and we needed baby supplies. The part that got me really upset was that my breast pump was in my luggage and normally it wouldn't have been that big of a deal, I could just exclusively breast feed Cole, but of course he's cutting a tooth and decides that he doesn't want to eat so obviously I have to pump or I'll get engorged or stop producing....I have to have my pump!! So what does the man at the counter say??? "Can't you just give your baby some formula??" I just about jumped over the counter and slapped him across the face! Now, granted he's a guy and doesn't know, but Good Lord! The airline ended up buying me a new pump and also bought us some basic supplies to last us till morning. Again, this situation wouldn't have been so bad but the fact that we had babies with us, I wish the airline would take that into consideration.
We finally got home and it felt so great to be in my own bed! I've been completely exhausted and I'm trying to catch up on sleep.
We only have a week till we leave for Wisconsin, yes, another trip!! I know I'm crazy!

Here are some camp pictures...

Our group during one of our activities

Melody, Casey and Me - the 3 leaders

Meme, Lupe, Caliesta and Angelica

The 3 leaders at our "Rockband" night, No, we don't typically wear that much lipstick

Our group on our dress up night, Cole was more focused on sucking on my shoulder :)

Me and Cole with my mom

Me and Cole

Had to stick this one in here....cute smirk!!

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