Friday, December 17, 2010

Meeting Santa

 Thursday night, our YoungLife group put on free pictures with Santa at a local coffee shop. It was so fun to see friends and all the little kids but I was a little nervous about how Cole would react to this "Santa" character. :) We are bad parents and did not take Cole to see Santa last year. Last year Cole kinda went through that stranger-danger phase so we didn't even try. Cole is the easiest going kid so I knew this year would be better....hopefully.
So this is how the meeting went.......
First, Cole checked Santa out for awhile, he literally stood in that spot for about 2 minutes just observing.

Then, he realized this crazy guy looked kinda fun, so he lunged at him and let Santa pick him up. Yay!!! I was so excited!!!

At first he acted pretty stoic and didn't really know what to think and I could just see him saying, "I'm just doing this because my mom has the camera and she'll be bummed if I don't cooperate."

But then Santa started to tickle him and he was all smiles at that point!!

What a sweet child!!!
YoungLife did a great job of finding a great Santa and he was so nice to all the kids!! We definitely had a great first Santa experience!
AND, since Cole was such a great sport....Gigi bought him a couple donut holes that he inhaled! ha!

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