Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finley is 2!!!

 On Saturday, May 11, Finley turned 2 years old!!  I cannot believe that my youngest child is already 2!!  We started her birthday weekend with what better way than to go to the dentist...she was thrilled, I can tell :)  I was nervous taking her in because she isn't quite as well-behaved as my first born.  However, she pleasantly surprised me and she did great! 

 Birthday Morning!!!
We decided not to do an actual party for her this year because she's only 2 and won't remember and I just didn't feel like putting a big party together....I know, mother of the year!
We blew up a bunch of balloons so when she woke up that morning, she saw all her balloons.  Cole was so excited to show her all the balloons.

 We made cinnamon rolls and sang happy birthday to her
 And she even blew out her candle!!!
 We let her open up a couple of her presents so that she could play with it that day...this was from me and Nick

A water table!!!
Later on in the day, we took the kids to Build-a-Bear and they got to pick out their bear.  They have all these super cute clothes for the bears, but of course, Finley refused clothes for her bear....still not sure why all her baby dolls and stuffed animals have to be naked all the time. :)
This is the kids giving their bears a bath
Of course, Cole picked out an Iron Man bear....that plays a Star Wars theme song, ha!
I tried to put these cute jammies on her bear but she refused and quickly tore them off the bear.

Once we got home, Gigi and Nick's cousin Diane and Alex came over to help us celebrate.  We had a nice dinner, Finley was a bit of a pill that evening but overall we had a great day.  
I cannot believe my small child is 2 years old already, kinda makes me sad.  We have enjoyed watching her grow and see her little (feisty) personality come out.  She makes us laugh every day and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
We love you Finley Marie!!!

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Christi Ellis said...

I'm glad to know you didn't do a party! Ha! I've been stressing a bit over weather or not to give Kayla a party, or have a joint party with Sean. A family celebration day sounds great, better than stressing over a 2 year olds party! I didn't remember Finley and Kayla being so close in age.