Thursday, June 27, 2013

Girls weekend with the Lifers

 Many many months ago, all the guys in our life group went down to Austin for a weekend to just be guys.  So it was only fair that the mom's got to do the same.  Out of all the weekends this summer, this past weekend was the only weekend that worked for most of the girls.  I did feel a little guilty that we JUST got back from Cabo and then a week later got another little mini vacation again.  
Originally we had decided to go to San Antonio but after realizing that with it being the start of summer and that everyone on the planet would be traveling I-35 and we didn't feel like being in the car for 8 hours, we decided to stay closer to home.
Shelly's husband, Mark, got us some awesome deals at the Four Seasons Resort and it definitely was nice being a quick 30 minute drive away.

Patsy and Katie were not with us this!!! :(
 It was nice just laying by the pool and chatting with the girls, we pretty much solved all the world problems in those two days!

Me and Jen modeling in the bathroom

 Both nights after dinner, we'd sit out on our patio and chit chat till late.  I love those kind of nights!
 Shelly and Jen our first night at Via Real
 The girls are so blessed to have the best husbands, that will stay home with all the kiddos and let the girls have some girl time :)  The first night, all the husbands and kids got together at Bridgham's and I sure would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!  Nick would text me during the weekend and ask, "Does Finley always follow you around and have to be in the middle of everything you do??"  Yes, Nick.....yes she does!!!! 

I was impressed that Nick took them to Market Street all by himself!  I avoid that place, even if it's the only place to get our milk.....but it's the only place that has these little carts and Finley insists on pushing her own and it's a disaster.  A good friend of mine saw Nick and the kids at the store that night and she let me know that Nick had everything under control...ha!

 When I got home Sunday afternoon, Finley wanted nothing to do with me.  She was definitely a daddy's girl that day.  And as you can see by this picture, Nick was exhausted!!!

 Oh yeah...forgot to mention....while I was away, Nick decided to break Finley of the paci.  We had kind of talked about it but honestly, I wasn't quite ready.  She has been the best sleeper (13-14 hrs at night) and she never had the paci except in bed and it's so nice to just throw her in bed and she would put herself to sleep.
Nick informed me that she only cried for about 5 minutes the first night and slept till 8:30am.  Same thing with her nap the next day, just a little fussing.  However, when mom got home, things definitely changed.  This has been a pretty rough week.  Our routine now goes like this now.... read 45 books, then read about 15 more, rock, lay down in bed with me laying next to her.  Then I lie to her and tell her I have to go put Cole to bed and I'll come back.  Well, I don't usually come back and then she cries for about 10-15 minutes.  Yeah, it totally sucks and there is nothing worse than letting your child cry themselves to sleep. 
 As much as I LOVE rocking and snuggling with her, I'm afraid that the easy days of putting her to bed are long gone.  Soon she will be in her toddler bed, then she will have free reign of her room and then she will be letting the little neighbor boys in her window, I just know it.  Oh Finley, what are we going to do with you??  I sure love this girl more than words though!!

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