Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big Baby

I had my regular doctors appointment yesterday, usually when I go in I'm in and out of the office within a few minutes because I've never had any issues, baby always seemed great, etc.  Well, yesterday was a little more exciting!  
First off, since my last appointment 2 weeks ago, I only gained 1 pound!!!!!  I couldn't believe it, especially after Thanksgiving!  So that was kind of exciting. I'm getting measured by the doctor, we come to realize that my belly had not grown any since my last appointment.  Uh, that's not normal is it?  I normally wouldn't have worried, but you have to realize that EVERYONE that I come across says to me, "you are due in January, you are small!!".  After you hear that day after day you kind of start to wonder.  So....when my measurements came back questionable, the doctor decided that doing an ultrasound would be the best thing so they could take some measurements.
So at this point, I would just like everyone to know that baby is BIG!  As the lady doing my sonogram said to me, "I'm just not sure where you are hiding this baby".  I'm almost at 33 weeks and he should be measuring at about 4lbs, not our little guy, he's about 5lbs right now.  She said he has a big head (oh joy...ha!), and long legs.  I told her that when one of the grandpas is 6 ft. 8in tall, that is to be expected.  I was so thrilled to hear that he was on the larger side because I started to worry a little bit that he wasn't growing enough.  He's just compacted in there pretty tight.  Yay for good news!!

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Joe & Jenn said...

I never got that big either and everyone told me there was no way I was due in December! That's good he's growing great!