Thursday, December 4, 2008


Here are a few Thanksgiving pictures...

This is a picture of the Seeman Family AND all the dogs!  We definitely have our hands full...5 dogs!!  They definitely keep us all entertained though.

This is our Thanksgiving Day pre-meal.  Yummy chili!!

Here is me and Nick at our Sushi night...yeah yeah, I get california rolls...blah!!!  We figure about one more year till I can eat sushi again, I don't know if I can wait that long!  

I am also having my last baby shower this weekend, my mom flies in today and is staying for the long weekend.  Nick and his friend Beau are getting all the husbands together the day of the shower and they are going to play Top Golf (basically a glorified driving range).  I'm glad the guys are doing that...having fun while the girls are eating good food and yummy mimosas.  (Not me of course).  
All our baby furniture came in last weekend so we went to pick that up.  I love the furniture!  We got everything set up except the crib which won't be able to be assembled till after Christmas.  I can't wait to get everything up!
Less than 2 months left....YAY!!!!

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