Monday, November 24, 2008

Dumb Dogs!

This is a readers digest version of this story.....
Saturday, we take Benson to the vet because he tried to jump on the couch and missed, Benson hurt his leg and we get pain medication for him.  Sunday night, Nick and I come home around 10:30 to find that Roxy swiped everything off of the counter and got into the prescription bottles that had the pain medicine in them.  Benson and Roxy eat entire prescription (which is intended for Benson to take over a 2-week period by the way).  Nick and I call ER vet and they say, "bring them in asap".  We get there, both had their stomachs pumped and luckily Roxy had most of the pills in her system, otherwise it probably would have killed Benson.  
I still don't understand why Roxy is hungry all the time, I mean, we feed her like normal dogs...why does she have to eat everything??  
So $400 later and us still camera-less...we are glad they are ok, but bummed because we were going to use that money to BUY A NEW CAMERA!!!  Dumb dogs!!!
(They are still cute though!!!) :-)


Stacey said...

OH NO!!! What a crazy story! Silly, expensive dogs :-)

Stacey said...
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