Monday, November 24, 2008

New Picture

Nick and I decided that we were going to do the 3D sonogram, mainly because I won't be getting another sonogram till I'm almost due and I kinda wanted to see what our little guy is looking like.  So, we went to the sonogram and literally got ONE good picture!!!  Not because the lady didn't know what she was doing, but because baby had his hands in front of his face the ENTIRE TIME!!  I mean, I was put on my side, feet up in the air, and he would not budge.  Apparently he did not want his picture taken.  Besides him being stubborn, it was still cool to see everything.  He was head down with 2 hands and 1 leg by his head.  That's a pretty talented position if you ask me!  Here is the one good picture we got.

It's still fun to see his face and nose and hand, so I guess I can't complain, isn't it a cute picture! 

This past weekend I wanted to start organizing his room and make room for the company that we are going to be having in the next month, so I decided to wash all the baby clothes so we could put them away till he is here and so we won't have baby clothes scattered all over our house.  Somehow that turned into Nick saying I'm in my "nesting" phase.  I am not nesting yet, just trying get things organized :-)  It was fun washing the clothes though, when I'd be folding the clothes, I'd find myself just laughing at some of them because they are just so tiny and cute!  I can't wait to dress him!  

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Emily said...

Aww, he looks just like his Auntie Em :)