Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Weeks

Our little Cole is already 3 weeks old and it has been such a great 3 weeks! Nick went back to work, leaving me at home alone with I have done my fair share of babysitting and taking care of babies, but when it is your own and you are responsible for it every minute of every day, it's totally different.
He had his 2 week check up last week and everything is just great so far. He gained a whole pound over a week time span which is a lot! Usually they gain just a few ounces within a week. Apparently I'm producing cream instead of milk...ha!

Everyone keeps asking me if we are getting any sleep. To be honest, he actually does really good during the nights. He pretty much sleeps 4-5 hour spans, so I only get up a couple times a night. Now, we are still working on getting him to sleep in his own bed, so he's in our bed with me about 50% of the time. I really don't mind him sleeping with me, I just get a little nervous that I'm going to suffocate him or something. Sometimes when he's actually in his own bed, I'll wake up in a panic thinking he's in bed with me and I can't find him...ha!
We have discovered this week that he really does so much better when we swaddle him real tight. For the longest time I thought he hated being swaddled because he always has his hands up by his face, but after swaddling him a couple times, I found that he sleeps better when he's tucked it all tight because he doesn't startle himself as much. I also find that he doesn't like sleeping on his back, so I have to put him on his side.

Here is a cute picture of him sleeping...snug as a bug in a rug!

We also started doing some "Tummy Time" with Cole this week. He was a little unsure about it the first couple times, especially because Benson and Roxy kept trying to snuggle and rub all over him, but now the dogs are used to him being on the ground and it isn't as crazy. We tried putting him on the boppy pillow to start out with, but it just seems so big, so I bought him a little surf board tummy time pad and I think that is working better.

This week I ventured out all by myself this week...well, with Cole too. It's funny all the planning that goes on when you leave the house! It was a little scary the first time, but now I'm pretty used to it and more comfortable. The weather this week has been a little chilly and being in Texas, we didn't have many cold wather outfits for, I put him in this really cute sweather that Nick's Aunt Vickie made him and it fit him perfectly! Here is a picture of him in his sweater. However, the weather is starting to get a little warmer so I'm afraid he won't be able to wear the sweater too much longer.

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