Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our new addition

Cole Joseph Seeman has made his grand entrance. We went into the hospital Wednesday January 28th to be induced. My parents flew into town that night and it was a little strange walking into the hospital, knowing that we would be leaving with a baby. It was so great having my parents there, especially when they had to start sticking me with needles...Nick has a hard time with needles, so my mom was able to distract me a little.

The nurses kept telling me that not much would happen that night, I would probably just experience some cramping and then in the morning they would break my water and start pitocin. Fortunetely, whatever they did to me Wednesday night seemed to really work....I went into labor a lot faster than they all assumed and by 8:57am on Thursday morning, little Cole was born. The delivery went amazing, pretty textbook! Here are a few pictures of him right after he was born.

We came home from the hospital Saturday January 31st and it was pretty strange bringing a baby into our house. Benson and Roxy were very curious with this little baby, and to make me feel better, Benson and Roxy spent a couple days at my in-laws. I just didn't want to have to think and worry about the dogs the first few days. As much as I love my dogs, I have to admit, it was pretty nice having the house so quiet! The dogs are back now and it definitely is going to take some time for the dogs to get adjusted, but I think they'll do great.

Cole has been an absolute great baby, he is so happy. The only time he really fusses is when he is hungry. We even have to wake him up during the night to feed him, so he's not keeping us up too much. He is just so fun to watch, he makes the funniest faces and is so entertaining to watch. So far, parenthood has been awesome and experiencing the day to day challenges has been very rewarding. Here are a few more pictures of Cole.

We also set up a blog just for Cole that will have new pictures posted frequently. Here is the site:


Emily said...

Damn, he has good genes.

The Adams said...

So sweet! Congrats! :)

coneandmo said...

So sweet! Glad that things are going well with the adjustments at home. :)

Crystal Mueller said...

I am a friend of Jenn Keillor's and I check your blog every once in a while since our due dates were/are so close. I just wanted to say that Cole is such a cute baby!!! He is adoreable! My son is due a week from today and I hope he is as beautiful of a baby as your little Cole is!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice, I can confirm it is a boy