Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm one lucky gal

Now, as bad as I feel for those families that are having to deal with this Swine Flu stuff, I am pretty excited deep down because they have closed my school district all of next week and we don't even have to make it up! I was supposed to be returning to school from my maternity leave this coming Monday, but now I get one free week! I have been so lucky with my maternity leave, I was only intending on taking 12 weeks off, but it has now ended up being 14.5 weeks all together. We had 2 snow days my first 2 days of maternity leave so that didn't count against me, then spring break and now this swine flu stuff...pretty sweet deal for me.
Although, I have been anticipating my return to school for so many weeks now, and now it's just kind of just delaying the inevitable. I was kind of ready for it to be here just to get it over with. I know I'll be a complete basket case the first week, so now I just have one more week to think about it. ha!
I talked to our babysitter and she said I should maybe bring him up one day, or at least part of the day so when my first official days comes it won't be such a shock. I may do that, then I can go get a pedicure and maybe take a LONG nap that day.

Oh, and Cole has been doing pretty good in his own room now...I think it's probably good for all of us to have him in there.

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