Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Today I celebrated my very first Mother's Day and it was such a great day. Nick and Cole gave me a couple gifts....Nick got me a digital photo frame and Cole got me a cute "mother-child" necklace. It's so fun to have another holiday to celebrate and get presents for!!!! weeeee!!!!!
We started off going to church as usual and then we had a wonderful brunch with Nick's family. Here are some fun pictures from brunch.
After brunch we decided to do a little shopping and Nick was nice enough to come along and push Cole around for me....I guess this is the only day this will happen so I had to take advantage of it! Who knows what Nick will make me do on Father's Day...probably go golfing with him and open all his beers for him! :)

Now on to something else....I started back at work last Thursday, normally this coming Monday was supposed to be my first day back, but our school district decided to open early from that whole swine flu thing. As bummed as I was that our "free week" got cut short, I truly think going back to work for the first time was best started on a Thursday like mine was, it made for a short week so it wasn't such a shock. Plus, Nick's mom came up to our house and watched him which made it nice that I didn't have to get all his stuff packed up. My first couple days back were actually pretty good, I only cried a little bit on my drive into work....however, I did become a big cry baby that first night after I put him to bed, I just crawled into bed, pulled the sheets over my head and cried! I think that's pretty normal at first....
THANK GOD that I only have 4 more weeks till summer! Plus, my mom and dad are coming in less than 3 weeks. My dad will be here for the long weekend and my mom is staying over a week to watch Cole. It will be so great to have them here!
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!!!

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