Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We are getting there!

 We are so close, can almost see the finish line....well, we can see the finish line, but it's just right at our noses!  Less than two weeks and we can finally start using this little beauty!

 Nick and I had our walk-thru/orientation for the new house last Friday.  There are so many cool, new things that these new houses have these days.  Tank-less water heaters, better A/C units, pest control unit that is outside that just shoots the insecticide throughout pipes around the house, so they don't actually have to come in and spray the inside of the house anymore, pretty cool!
Our walk-thru took quite awhile and but I think everything should be ready to go to close Friday.
Friday was a gorgeous day and I just had to take a picture of our backyard.  Nick and I are so thrilled that we picked the lot we did.  I know the dogs will bark their brains out but I love not having anything behind us.  We are also the only house on our little street that chose to put in a gate so we can access the walking path.....best decision, I think!
 See these lovely chandeliers?  Yeah, we didn't pay for those :)  We paid for just the basic chrome light fixtures but they accidentally installed all these nice oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures in our house and they asked if it was ok to just leave them because it would save time.  Uh....gee, sure you can leave those much nicer light fixtures in our house...we'll let you :)

Pretty much our whole first floor of the new house is wood floors, which we are so excited about....but wood floors means area rugs....which means, $$$$$$$!!!!!!
I had been looking for nice, inexpensive area rugs for the longest time and finally came across rugsusa.com.  Right after Christmas all their rugs were 65% off.  We got these three rugs for under $300 and are so thrilled with how they turned out!  I am so excited to use them!

 Saturday mornings are our "family day" at the chiropractor.  The kids and I always go together and Nick goes at different times during the week but we go all four of us on Saturday mornings.  The kids were so excited, as usual.

 I have been feeling amazing the last week or so, a little sore after the first couple adjustments but I haven't been feeling like an old lady with arthritis anymore.  I feel so healthy and have more energy.  Now the kids.....wow!  Again, after Finley got adjusted while she was sick, she immediately started acting like her normal self.  She has been so happy, goofy and it just seems like there is this new pep in her step and same with Cole, just seems happy, more compliant....I can just tell that my kids feel good.  Makes a mom happy!

 Saturday evening we headed over to Beau and Stacey's for dinner.  Stacey is ready to deliver baby Walker about yesterday so we took them dinner and hung out for the night. 
I really don't know how that baby fits on Stacey's body but isn't she the cutest pregnant girl!  Just this little women's-sized basketball.

I don't know what it is, but when Cole and Grayson get together, they are absolutely hilarious.  They always want to have pillow fights and wrestle.  Usually Cole doesn't do stuff like that but him and Grayson play so well together and even though they are wrestling, they are pretty gentle and have so much fun together.
 From the time Cole was itty bitty, he has always loved being at Beau and Stacey's house and even asked the next day if we could go back. :)

I didn't have school yesterday so the kids and I ran a few errands.  Had to go buy 23 gallons of paint so Hector can paint the inside of our house next week.  I'm not even sure how we are going to fit 23 gallons of paint into our car!
We ended the weekend with some yummy milkshakes and some happy kids!

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