Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cole's Birthday

 I have been so behind on blogging lately and am 2 weeks behind on Cole's birthday celebration.
Cole turned 4 on January 29th!!!!  Where have the last 4 years gone?
With us getting into our new house we decided to not have a party this year for Cole.  We have kind of decided that we will have parties for the big birthdays....this every year stuff is stressful!  We still wanted to do something special for his birthday so we asked him who he wanted to take with to have an afternoon of fun...and of course he said Reece!  Luckily Reece and Cole attend the same school so Nick and I picked up both boys from school and had a great afternoon.
The boys were so excited when we picked them up from school!
 We took them to Lego Land in Grapevine.  We had never been there and it was pretty dang cool!  We spent several hours there and were even planning on doing the aquarium too but ran out of time.
They even had a 3-D lego movie that was so fun.  Cole got a little scared at the things coming at his face and quickly ended up on my lap but overall he loved it.
 The coolest part were these go-cart type things.  What was nice about the time of day we went is that nobody was there so the boys had the go-carts all to themselves.  Reece was a little pro at steering the cart.  Cole....he needs more practice :) ha!
 Way to go Reece!!!
 After Lego Land, we met up with Gigi and Finley, Uncle Blake and Auntie Em at the Magic Time Machine for dinner.  It was a pretty cool place that is great for kids.  Cole opened presents and had such a great time!
We even got to celebrate some more with some ice cream.  
How sweet are these two??
 I still can't believe we have a 4 year old but we couldn't love him any more.  He is such a joy to be around and is the most caring, sensitive, compliant child.  I don't know how we got so lucky but I couldn't thank God enough for the sweet boy he brought into our lives!
We love you so much Cole!

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