Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh, Finley

 This post is a little bit about Finley, our move, carpooling...crazy stuff, I tell ya!
First off, we finally got moved into our new house almost 2 weeks ago.  It just happened to be on Nick's birthday so unfortunately his actual birthday wasn't as glamorous as usual.  I mean, he's getting a brand new house but the process of getting into the house is tiring and stressful.
We are celebrating his and Emily's birthdays this weekend (without kids, whoop!) so we are pretty excited about that.
The house is great, I haven't taken any pictures of it since we moved in because y'all would be horrified at the condition of it :)  Moving this time around is a tad different than our last house.  We are slowly getting there but have a long way to go.  Once things start to look half-way decent I will post some pictures.
Plus, our vacuum has died on us.  Nick tried to perform surgery on it but there's no hope for it.  As much as we love the wood floors on the main floor, they are definitely trickier to keep clean.  The dogs are constantly dragging in grass plus Roxy is shedding pretty bad right now b/c she's super long and needs to get groomed...and with the vacuum not working, the floors are a bit of a disaster right now.  We are planning on purchasing a new vacuum this weekend but holy moly those dang things are expensive!

So, Miss Finley, what have you been up to lately??  What's have decided to stop taking naps during the week?  Wow, that's awesome, especially at 21 months.....said no one ever!!!
She will just play in her crib for 2 hours if I let her and maybe will get in about 15 minutes of shut-eye but that's if I'm lucky.  She started doing this several weeks ago, skipping a couple naps a week and I thought she'd grow out of it but nope.  Still going strong with not sleeping.

Since we have moved, we have now started carpooling with my friend Jen.  It is so nice to be able to carpool now and has been a life saver.  Plus, I've had tons of doctors appointments this month so Jen has been able to just take Cole home with her.  Huge help!
The one day I was in charge of picking up the boys, I didn't have enough time to go home and "try" to get Finley to nap so I just drove around for awhile and she did fall asleep....for 20 minutes.
Ain't she sweet....and those lips crack me up!
 We also weren't sure how we were going to fit 3 car seats in my car, but we have managed to do it.  They are squished in there and I have to be in some awesome gymnastic positions to get their seat belts on and I'm sure people walking by love looking at my rear end plastered up against the window.  Motherhood is so humbling :)

Even though I still have 1 million more boxes to go through, we have still taken some time to enjoy the park while the weather is nice.  We have been blessed with awesome weather lately, but deep down I am a little sad we haven't gotten our normal February freeze.  Hope this doesn't mean our summer will be brutally hot!
We have met some great neighbors and I am just in love with our neighborhood!  There are so many young families and everyone is always outside.  We love that we are a short walk to the park, especially when your son yells from the slide, "mom!!! I have to go poop!"...awesome Cole :)
We can't wait to meet more neighbors and get more settled but so far it's all been great!
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!!

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