Monday, March 4, 2013

Happenings Lately

 We have been busy getting our house in order the last few weeks.  I'm sure it doesn't take the average person to get through every box as long as it took us, but I guess we've been procrastinating.  So much junk sat in our garage so it was kind of the "out of sight out of mind" thing.  We finally got sick of having both cars parked in the drive way so we spent all day yesterday cleaning out the garage and going through every box and boy, did we throw a TON of stuff away!!  Nothing makes me happier than throwing things in the trash!  
We have tons of trash bags ready to go to Goodwill and lots of baby stuff ready to pass down.  It was so exciting to finally pull my car into the garage and everything be organize...yay!!

The kids had fun hanging out in the garage/front yard while we organized and Finley even tried to help as much as she could :) (by "help", I mean undo everything we had done)
What!?!  This girl being naughty!!!  Never!!!

 Saturday morning after our chiropractor appointments, we had to go pick up a mattress from Nick's parents house.  It wasn't even that close to lunch time but both kids ended up passing out in the car.  Luckily, they both transferred to their beds and took pretty good naps.

 Saturday afternoon, Roxy was outside just hanging out in the yard.  Finley whined at me till I let her outside to be with Roxy.  Finley just sat their with Roxy and pet her.....
then gave her hugs.
 This girl....has an absolute love for her puppies.  If we'd let Roxy sleep in her crib with her, she would be the happiest toddler ever!  I'm pretty sure Finley is Roxy's favorite person too because Finley shares all her meals with her...and then when we throw Roxy outside for eating her food, Finley gets mad at us and cries. :)

 I also did some grocery shopping this weekend and found this beauty....
I can eat spoonfuls of this stuff!  I've been on a bit of a "raw" diet lately so when I'm craving a little bit of sweet, this stuff is outstanding!
My chiropractor has put me on a pretty strict diet to try to help with some inflammation I've been having.  I can't have sugar, carbs, gluten, grains, only raw dairy, 100% grass fed meats and limited fruits.  You are probably wondering what CAN I eat.  The first couple weeks were hard, just trying to find things to actually eat but now I'm really enjoying finding new recipes and being creative.
This is basically what I've been eating the last 3 weeks:

Breakfast:  pick one from these options and alternate them
Scrambled eggs with whatever veggies are in fridge, sprinkle raw cheddar cheese on top.  Seriously, there are more veggies than eggs in my omelets!!
Plain greek yogurt with strawberries or raspberries (the only fruit I can have is berries and granny smith apples)
Hard-boiled eggs
Smoothie:  spinach, blueberries, 1/2 banana, coconut milk
Black coffee with coconut milk cream - the only coffee my chiro has approved is Organo coffee, which works perfectly b/c my family started drinking that coffee last year and it's our favorite coffee!!

Organic tuna with veganaise, celery and pepper
Salad (I'll make a big salad on Sundays and will last most of the week)
Mash up a couple hard-boiled eggs and add veganaise and pepper
Or any dinner leftovers

Dinner:  (these are some of the things I've made lately)
Zucchini boats
Chicken Marsala
Basic meat/veggies
Lots of salads

I eat raw almonds/cashews, couple slices of cheese, granny smith apple with almond butter as snacks

I certainly do miss some of the "comfort foods" and being able to eat whatever I want but if I had to choose to eat whatever I want or physically feeling bad again, I would stay on this diet, no questions asked!!  I have been feeling so good lately and so much energy!!  I do have a couple rough days every once in awhile but overall, I feel amazing!
I'm going to stay on this diet till we go to Sonoma next week and I'll try my hardest to eat as good as I can while we are on vacation but then when I get back, I'm going to get back on the diet along with a detox and then after that, we will slowly introduce a few things and see if there is anything specific that triggers my pain.  With our family history, I wouldn't be surprised if it's gluten...but we will see.
Also, my waistline is loving the new diet!!!  :)  Although, my weight is not even hardly an issue, as long as I'm feeling well...but it is a nice bonus! :)

My parents drive down on Friday to stay for a few days.  They still stay with us over the weekend and then when Nick and I leave for Cali, they will stay with the kids for a couple days and then Nick's parents will finish out the week with the kids.  We are so lucky to have the best grandparents!  The kids are going to have so much fun with both grandparents!!
This week needs to zoom by....we cannot wait for California!!!

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