Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Weekend

 Thursday:  I went out for a much needed girls night.  We got to celebrate Shelly and Amanda's birthday and it was a all these girls!!  There were about 12 of us there and such a great group of girls!
Nick was such a trooper and watched the kids for me right after he a just gotten over a little food poisoning...eeek!  Good husband! (although, I do give him a hard time that he decided to get "sick" so he could stay home and watch basketball games all day, ha!)

 Friday:  Speaking of basketball games, Friday after work, we got home, I put the kids down for naps and this is what I did all afternoon.  It was glorious!  Since we have moved into the house, I don't think I've sat down and watched hardly any tv so I decided that with some good games on that afternoon, I would just sit and do nothing. :)

 Saturday:  I had a UIL competition with some students Saturday morning.  My kid was competing in a Computer Application test, he killed it by the way...blew everyone out of the water!  While I was there and Nick was helping his dad move furniture, Gigi and Auntie Em watched the kids for us.
As I've said before, Finley is obsessed with dogs!  She isn't around Auntie Em's dogs a whole lot but Luke and Piper were there on Saturday and Finley was in heaven.  She can even say "Piper" clear as day and it's the sweetest thing.

 Seriously Finley looks like her daughter!!!  I'm going to laugh when Blake and Emily have a dark-haired baby some day :)

Granddad and Gigi were nice enough to let the kids stay the night at their house Saturday night.  Nick and I didn't have any big plans but then Beau and Stacey asked if we wanted to go out for awhile.  It was perfect timing and it had been awhile since we'd been out with them so we met up and had the best time.  
Obviously we love the kids more than anything and miss them when they are gone but we were secretly excited to be able to get home late, sleep in, have breakfast together....but then we got that 6:30am text message that every parent hates.....
"Cole has been throwing up for a few hours"
Ugh....nothing worse than your baby being sick!!  We got up and headed back to their house to pick up the kids.  I was going to bring Finley home right away so she wasn't around him but when we got to their house, he seemed like he was in a great mood.  But I do know that kids can change so quickly!  I took Finley home and then Nick brought Cole home a little while later.  Cole took a nap, woke up totally normal and has been fine ever since.  It's so strange, was just sick for a few hours then was totally fine.  I mean, I'm thankful that it was nothing like what Finley had a couple months ago because that was miserable.  Plus, we have to stay completely healthy because Ryan, Rachel, Cameron and Sydney are coming this week to spend Easter with us and we cannot wait!!!
Thanks Gigi and Granddad for taking such good care of our little guy while he was sick.  Sorry about your sheets, mattress, pillows, chunks of food in your bed that Granddad had to pick out :)  We owe you big time and we understand if you want us to buy you new bedding :)

And last but not least....Nick hung our curtains, yay!!!!!

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