Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter and Family

Last Wednesday, Ryan and Rachel and their two girls flew into Dallas to stay with us for Easter.  It was so nice to just hang out and not have much on the agenda the first few days and to just relax.  We spent quite a bit of time at the park and how funny are these kiddos??
The kids got dirty almost every day, so dirty it required a bath...but they had a blast!  Aunt Rachel would take the kids on little "adventures" and Cole and Cameron especially loved finding fun treasures near the water.
Saturday night, we had some family in town from Wisconsin and all the adults went out for the night.  We went to Nobu, which is the BEST sushi around, seriously my mouth waters with each bite!
I've been doing pretty well with my special diet lately but I definitely splurged and had some excellent food that night...yum!!
The main reason we went was to celebrate Charlie's birthday.
Happy Birthday Charlie and we are so glad we got to help you celebrate!
It was so nice to have a night out and be with just the adults.  I think Ryan and Rachel enjoyed a real date night too!  We got a couple sitters and I think all the kids did great with them.
Here is our whole group at Pepper Smash after we had sushi.  What a fun group!!!

Sunday morning, we had plans to have the kids wake up and have a little egg hunt outside but when we woke up, the clouds looked like this....
We had quite the downpour for awhile, which made our egg hunt not possible.  Oh well, we improvised and did it inside and the kids had so much fun.  They had some fun goodies in their baskets and then trying to pry all that candy out of their hands was interesting.
Gigi supplied us with the best candy from Williams Sonoma and even the adults couldn't keep their paws off the candy!
All four kids posing with all the goodies
Finley, Sydney, Cameron and Cole
After breakfast, we headed to church for Easter service and took some family pictures after we got the kids all checked into their classes.  As expected, there were a ton of people attending church so we made sure we got their early to avoid the mad rush.
Ryan and his sweet family....love them!
Yeah....um, this was the best picture we got!!  Ryan's family is all sweet and everyone is looking and being cooperative...then there is us!!! :)
Sunday evening, some friends in our life group put on an egg hunt.  Here are all the kids after the hunt was over.  We had such a fun time at this party and the kids had even more fun!  Their was a bounce house, awesome food, awesome house....it was just fun!!!
We have one more night with Ryan and Rachel and then they have to return home, we will be so sad to have them leave but we definitely had so much fun with them around.  The kids had a blast and I know Cole will be so sad when Cameron leaves.  We will be making a trip back to Colorado sometime in July, but that is still too long to wait.
So thankful to have such wonderful family members and we are so blessed!

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