Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friends as good as Family

To say we have some of the best friends a family could ask for is an understatement.  I realize daily that we have the best group of people surrounding our family and we couldn't be blessed more.  We have people that help take care of our children, no questions asked, makes us meals, support me and cheer me on with my lame diet and share recipes (thanks Katie!).  We have people around us that challenge us, pray for us and are those people you immediately go to when things suck.  My children even prefer being at certain friends houses more than our own home.  Cole:  "mom, shouldn't we go to Pete and Katie's house?" or "Mom, don't you think we should go see Beau and Stacey?"
All of our friends are so special to us and we really appreciate all they do for us.

I am so grateful to friends that helped out so much with watching our kids last week.  We had some state testing at school last week and my schedule got messed up and I had to work some weird hours.  Plus our sitter took a couple personal days and trying to find childcare is sometimes tricky.
So grateful to Shelly for letting the kiddos crash there and play with Owen and Aiden.  Poor Shelly had to carry Finley around for 4 hours, Finley wouldn't let her put her down.....:(

Cole had so much fun playing with Aiden and Owen, he crashed about 2 seconds after we got into the car :)
And because I worked some funny hours last week and was unable to pick up Cole from school, Jen and Reece let Cole play at their house till I could pick him up.  These two boys crack me up, they can play for hours and Cole still cries every time he has to leave their house.  
Jen sent me these pictures during the week.

Friday evening we spent some more time with friends celebrating Josiah's birthday.  Unfortunately I didn't even get a picture of Josiah but I have these to prove what a good time the kids had!!
Finley loved the carrots and dip....."cheeeeese"!!!
Evan and Cole always have the best time together, these are kids that I think will always be good friends, such characters!
Finley was hilarious, she kept getting into this bubble and waving to everyone.  It was a total Miss America wave too!

Saturday afternoon, we wanted to check out Beau and Stacey's new kitchen so we packed up the kids and headed over there.  It had also been awhile since we had seen Mr. Walker and I needed my baby fix. :)
Finley was so interested in baby Walker, she kept trying to give him his paci and surprisingly was pretty gentle with him.  Or, maybe she was interested in the fact that this sweet boy was laying in her PINK nap nanny :)
The kids had a blast doing there normal "Cole-Grayson pillow fights" or wrestling and even getting Beau to twirl them around in the air.  Poor Beau got quite the workout throwing these three kids all over the place!
Cole's turn....
Finley's turn....

So many things packed into one weekend but had the best time with everyone.  AND, we have a four-day week this week at school.  We have a random Friday off because we didn't use any of our weather days so now I need to figure out what to do with our day off. Hmmmm...


Stacey said...

Why am I crying?

And I will always watch your kids if you need (just no one else's ;) )!

Katie said...

I'm with Stacey...feeling blessed for my Texas "family". So many times I thank The Lord for my blessing of good friends...who are ALWAYS there. Xoxox