Monday, July 28, 2008

Bye Atticus!!

Over the past week, Nick and I were dog-sitting for Atticus, and besides my dogs, he's one of my favorites! He is a 7 month old chocolate lab and he is the sweetest puppy ever! We were tempted to steal him, but I don't think his mom would have liked me too much. Atticus had to leave yesterday and we are all pretty bummed, however, I think deep down our dogs are glad to see him go :) They didn't like our attention going to any dog but them!
Last Friday I hit 13 weeks and throughout the pregnancy, all my friends would say, "once you get into your 2nd trimester, you'll feel like a whole new person"....but I was convinced that was all bogus talk and I was going to feel like poo-poo the rest of my life. WELL....I swear that once I hit that 13 week point, I DID feel like a whole new person!!! And Thank God!!! I'm still not 100%, more around 80%. I'm just so thrilled, mostly because we leave for YoungLives camp in a week and a half and I really wanted to feel good for it, so yay!
Last week when I went in for my 2nd doctors appointment, I got to hear the heartbeat and that was pretty cool! He said the little kiddo is the size of a giant shrimp and the eyes are no longer on the side of it's head...haha! Doctor said everything else looks great, I do have to go to a Neurologist in 2 weeks because since I have become pregnant, I have had bad numbness and tingling in my right leg and it's really starting to bother me, especially when I'm sleeping. He said it's probably just a nerve blockage and hopefully some physical therapy will fix it.
That's all for now.....

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Joe & Jenn said...

I'm glad you feel better. I've been praying for you! Let me know how the neurologist appointment goes. Great news that the heartbeat is great and you have a giant shrimp! :)