Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Bad Picture!!

Ok, I REALLY hate this picture but people were complaining that I wasn't posting enough pictures. Hopefully Nick will take some better ones and then I'll post those later on. Personally I think my belly looks like a torpedo right now...:-)
Anyway, this is me at 22 weeks. Sometimes I think, "wow, I have 18 more weeks to go, where is it all going to go?" I feel like I can't get any bigger....haha!!! Just wait right????
The day I took this picture was kind of funny. Ever since I have been pregnant, I have been drinking so much milk. Before I was pregnant, Nick and I couldn't even go through half a gallon of milk without it going bad. Now, Nick makes fun of me because I go through a gallon of milk in one week...by myself! So the day of this picture, I was kinda wondering why I hadn't felt him move all day long. Usually after I have my breakfast he goes nuts. I was trying to drink sweet stuff, eat some candy, nothing was working. On my way home from work, Nick asked if I had had milk that day. I hadn't, so I went home, had a bowl of cereal and then all of a sudden at that moment, baby became a soccer player!!! Nick even got to feel him kick for the first time and he felt it at the perfect moment because that was the biggest kick I had felt yet. Nick thought it was so cool, but freaky at the same time, like there are aliens in there or something.
I have also started going to the chiropractor and that has been a life-saver! I haven't had as many bach aches, leg cramps and have been sleeping so much better! PLUS, they have a prenatal masseuse there that does some muscle work on me and all I have to pay is my $20 copay!!! How awesome is that? Usually you can spend $100 easily on a massage, but my insurance covers this.
Everything else is great with us, we are starting to get things ready for the baby's room so that we can paint in a couple weekends. Then my parents and brother Ross are coming in 3 weekends and we are going to pick out furniture and stuff like that...and of course play some golf while they're here. Can't wait to see them!


Joe & Jenn said...

you're such a cute pregnant lady. :)

Kyle and Shalen said...

That's a cute picture!! I went to the chiropractor throughout my pregnancy and it was WONDERFUL!! Loved it!