Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting there...

Well, the day has come where all of a sudden, my belly has popped out there! Seriously I feel as though it happened over night. It's kind of fun though because now people actually know I'm pregnant and don't just think I gained a bunch of weight during the summer. I have also graduated into maternity pants which was the greatest invention of all time! They are SO much more comfortable! Thank goodness my neighbor Casey and I are the same size because I raided her closet and now I have a whole new wardwrobe.
I haven't felt any movement yet, but I swear last night I felt that slight "flutter" that everyone talks about. It kind of gave me that feeling as though I had butterflies in my tummy.
Some other exciting news.....a week from tomorrow is when we have our big sonogram and they are going to tell us if it is a boy or girl. I can hardly stand the wait! They are going to check all the organs and make sure everything looks good in the uterus. I guess right now the baby is about 6 inches head to rump and a little less than a pound. That's pretty big if you ask me, but we definitely have a long ways to go! Everyone says the last half of the pregnancy feels so much longer...oh joy :) I'm already starting to get a little uncomfortable, backaches, cramps in my legs, can't sleep...and I'm only half way there!!!!!!! Oh well, it's all worth it right? I have definitely realized lately how precious this whole experience is and how I cannot take it for granted. As one of my dear friends just lost her baby this weekend due to miscarriage and so many of our friends are unable to even have kids, I truly am thankful for what God has blessed us with!


Theresa said...

It is your MIL! I don't know how to do this; are you surprised? You are so darn cute and so right! We all feel so blessed and you and Mr. Nick are going to be the best parents ever...thanks for keeping us up-to-date! Love Ya


Josh and Laura said...

Hey! I found your blog from Jenn's page. It's so exciting to see you are so cute! Canon doesn't give us much sleep so enjoy the peaceful nights while you can..ha. :)