Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We love Boys!!!

After seeing this picture, we are 100% sure it's a boy. This picture cracks me up b/c he is spread eagle and we are looking at his booty and "private area" ...from the bottom up. We got some great pictures yesterday and it was especially fun for Nick to see it all because last time he saw a sonogram was when he was the size of a blueberry....not much to see there!

The doctor said everything else looks great, he already has a fat belly even.

We truly did not care either way, if it was a boy or girl, but now that we know we are both just so thrilled! We are getting so excited, especially because now we can go shopping!! I even started looking at Pottery Barn and found some cute bedding. It's kind of a sage green and brown. If anyone knows me, I'm definitely not into the pastel colors, especially for boys! So finding bedding that I actually like could be tricky.

We also have not decided on any names....I think we got asked that about a million times yesterday :) We are keeping our options open, so who knows when he'll have a name.
To celebrate our exciting day yesterday, Nick and I went out for sushi!!!! Now, I know what you all are thinking...pregnant women aren't supposed to be eating raw fish. Well, I did splurge and had a couple california rolls which is just crab meat and then the others, I took out that yummy piece of meat and just ate the roll....meatless. Actually, it wasn't all that bad, it was actually a meal that I thouroughly enjoyed and that hasn't happend in a really long time. It was so worth it!!
Here are a couple more pictures from yesterday...


Joe & Jenn said...

ahhhhhh! he's so cute! :)

Josh and Laura said...

How exciting!! Congrats...little boys are so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the profile picture. His facial features are so well defined already. I supposed you can't wait to actually feel him moving around.....if you don't already. It will also be cool for Nick to feel him moving around. We are so excited to be going through this with you guys. Be sure to keep us updated.

Love always,
Big Daddy

thomas and christi said...

awesome!! So exciting, congrats to you both, you three!! what a wonderful thing to experience, pregnancy and giving birth to a life, I mean.

Ross said...

Possible names - top choices
1. Mudwhistle
2. Biff
3. Argus