Monday, March 23, 2009

6 More Weeks!

As of today, I have 6 more weeks left till I have to go back to school....I know that is still a super long time and that's only the amount of time that MOST women get all together for maternity leave, but it makes me so sad that my maternity leave is already half over. I can't even imagine having to leave him with a babysitter and not being with him all sad!!!
This evening, Nick and I are going to meet our future babysitter. My friend Tracey that I used to work with uses Teresa and she lives very close and she's an in-home babysitter...I'm definitely not ready for day care yet. I guess I'm the typical first-time mom and think that he needs more one-on-one care. We are excited to meet her, she is also the sister-in-law to one of my assistant principal's at work, so it's kind of a small world.
When I do go back to work on May 4th, I think we are just going to use Teresa 3 days a week, and then Nick's mom will do the other 2 days. THEN, the last week and a half of school, my mom is going to come down and watch him. So luckily, he'll only have to go to the babysitter for a few weeks. Then come August when I go back to school, hopefully he will be able to continue going to Teresa full-time. Teresa and her husband have had in-home daycares many many years and this is what they do, so I completely trust them.
I always thought I would be one of those mom's that would have to work, that couldn't stay home full time with my kids...but I have totally changed my thinking on that! I would absolutely love to work only part time and stay home the rest, but Nick has informed me that we won't be able to do that for a couple years. It's funny how you are willing to compromise to stay home...I would totally cut down on our "things" so that I could stay home, but again, Nick says "Not yet"...booooo!!!! :-) Guess the hubby knows best!!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the last couple days.

Here is Cole laying on his playyard, he's rockin the baseball outfit today!
Cole working on some "tummy time"

Thinking he's not diggin the tummy time today....poor guy!

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Joe & Jenn said...

ha i know what you mean about staying home! i will definitely sacrifice "things" for staying home for Nathan. Joe says the same thing-2 more years! Maybe we can visit each other once we are both "stay-at-home moms!"