Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grammy and Papa Volk

Today is a little sad for me, my parents just left to go back to Colorado. They were here since last Friday and we really had a great time. I always hate saying goodbye to my family, especially because I hate the fact that they only get to see Cole every once in awhile. I wish they could just stop by whenever they wanted and see him. I know my family wished we lived a little closer...maybe one of these days we can move there, although then I would feel bad that Nick's parents wouldn't get to see him as much. parents had so much fun with Cole and we took lots of pictures. I really wanted my parents to just relax and enjoy their grandson while they were here, so I wanted to have the house all cleaned before they came so they didn't feel like they had to clean. Of course they are parents and still find a few projects around the house. My dad changed lightbulbs and bought us a big ladder and my mom touched up the paint on our walls.
While they were here, I told my dad that he had to help me give Cole a bath. Now, my dad never really gave his own kids baths when we were little, so this was totally new to him. However, I think he really got a big kick out of it. I sat and supervised but he did most of the work. It's so fun to watch my dad hold and play with Cole, he sure becomes quite a softy! :)
Here are a few pictures of my dad giving Cole a bath

Here are some more pictures of my parents visit to Texas

Grammy cuddling with Cole...he sure looks comfortable!

Tummy Time with Grammy

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Joe & Jenn said...

my parents are grammy and papa too! :)