Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 month doctor visit

Can you believe we are already at 2 months?? Nick and I took Cole to his doctors appointment yesterday and it was quite the experience. He has changed so much since his last doctors visit...he is now almost 13lbs and 24 inches long, he has doubled all of his percentiles. For instance, he is in the 91st percentile for that doesn't mean that we are going to sign him up for basketball right away, his height won't tell us anything till he's at least 2 years old. Overall though, he has grown so much and has become quite the chunky monkey!
The doctor talked with us about his sleep schedule, she said that we need to start putting him to bed at 8:00pm, then wake him at 11:00 to do a quick feed just to top him off and she said that he should start sleeping longer and in a few weeks we should be able to drop that 11:00 feeding and HOPEFULLY by 3 months he'll start sleeping through the night. Hopefully this new schedule works!
Cole also got his wasn't as bad as I was imagining. He was being so good throughout his check up (even though it was right in the middle of his nap time), but he finally had enough and just started wailing so when they gave him the shots, I don't think it even fased him, he was already mad!! ha! I was and still am very nervous about all these shots, it just seems like so many at one time. With the whole autism thing and with him being a boy (boys have a much higher chance of getting autism) of course the shots make me a bit nervous, however our doctor requires that they get certain shots and honestly I don't have the knowledge to back up my fears, so it's not like I can tell the doctor that I don't want him to get immunized...just b/c I'm scared. So for now, I'll do what the doctor tells me and we'll just pray that he remains a healthy, happy little boy!
Ok, back to some more upbeat news....we are headed to Colorado today and I'm pretty nervous about flying with Cole for the first time, but we are so excited to get there so my whole family can finally meet him. Also, Denver is supposed to be getting hit hard with a snow storm today so everyone pray that our flight isn't delayed or cancelled, that would not be a good situation with a new baby!
I'll try to post some new pictures once we get to Colorado...

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