Friday, June 5, 2009


I guess I'm a little unconventional, but Nick and I found ourselves a new pediatrician, mainly because we were wanting to delay some of Cole's vaccines and most doctors don't allow you to do that. I found a pediatrician that does do it and when we went for his 4 month checkup, we discovered that she is amazing!! She is exactly what I was looking for and you can tell that she is very smart and knows a lot on vaccines. Apparently she does public speaking all around the DFW area too.
Now, Cole is not going to be one of those kids that is not vaccinated at all, he's just not going to get all his shots at once. Our pediatrician will only give him 2 shots at a time, compared to the normal 6. There are a few shots that she actually won't even do until he's older, like the MMR and hepatitis B shot, not till he's at least 2. It's amazing listening to what this doctor has to say, and with all the research I've done lately, I'm so excited that we are going with this schedule. I am pretty passionate about his subject, and I know some people are probably thinking I'm completely if anyone wants more info, I'd love to share what I've learned.
The doctor also told us to start Cole on some solids. At first I wanted to wait till 6 months, but she said we should start with Avocados and sweet potatoes and wait till 6 months to start rice cereal. It should be a fun experience, starting him on solids....great pictures to come!!! I guess that's why I'm a little unconventional, because I've decided to sort of make my own baby food. Especially for now, I just have to mash up the fruits/veggies and plus, it's a lot cheaper. Hope he likes his new food!

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The Haley's said...

I use the super baby food book. REALLY helped me with J's food and is an awesome reasource now. I just found there website.
Leave me a message on my blog and we can email. Making your own food is Super easy and so nice to know what you're actually feeding your kiddo. Are you doing Dr. Sears alt schedule?