Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not much this week

This week has been a bit uneventful, we've done a few things here and there but we've also spent a lot of time at home. Our week started like this.....
Literally from the time we are done with breakfast till it gets dark at night, Cole wants to play outside. Cool with me! Again, I love it because I can put Finley down for a nap or do some things around the house and I know (for the most part) that Cole is fine by himself. Of course I keep an eye on him though, I'm not THAT terrible of a mother :)
We still go to the park down the street though because Cole loves playing with the other kiddos.
I've said it before that Finley pretty much thinks Cole is the coolest person to walk this planet. She speed-crawls to wherever he is and will be gone in a split second if Cole has left the room. Even though he gets super annoyed that she always wants to touch and play with his toys, he is still so sweet to her. Although, I have caught him trying to pick her up and carry her lately...which is fine but then we doesn't just gently set her back down, he drops her :)
(mom, I can't handle his hair...hope you bring your scissors to Hawaii!!!)
While Cole goes to school, I get a lot of extra time with this cute girly. I know she misses her brother terribly while he's gone but it's still nice to have that alone time.
She has also become very interested in the iPad....great, it's starting already!!!
And she also plays with all her brothers stuff while he's gone :)
Nick's parents are in London for awhile so while we are in town, we are watching Max. Cole has been obsessed with Max, always chasing him and wanting to pick him up. Last night after I put Cole to bed, I was looking around the house to see where Max was (he always hides under beds). I couldn't find him...then a couple minutes later, I checked on Cole on the video monitor and I saw you see the eyes glowing???I laughed because Max loves nothing more than to cuddle up with people and sleep. I should've known! So this is what the real picture looks like when I went in there. Max even slept in there all night and we never heard a peep from him.
I am also trying to get some things situated for our trip to Hawaii. I know it's a little early but if I do it gradually then I won't be so stressed the days leading up to it. We are getting so excited about going but I've been looking at the weather in Maui lately and there has been lots of rain, I sure hope it's not like that while we are there!!

I'll end this with a video of something fun Granddad taught Finley last weekend. Last Saturday night, Nick and I went to dinner and a movie and Gigi watched the kiddos. While she was watching them they decided to Facetime with Granddad since he has been in London for awhile. I guess while they were on FaceTime, he was playing Peek-a-boo with her and then a couple mornings later, Finley started playing with me. I didn't even prompt her to do it, she just started and then I quickly realized what she was doing.

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