Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our new addition

This past Wednesday, we got our new swing set installed!!! It couldn't have come at a better time because the weather has been amazing! Granddad and Gigi gifted it to the kiddos for birthdays and Christmas and Cole is beyond thrilled. It was so fun because they came to set it up after I took Cole to school and when he came home from school he got to see it...and then played outside for the rest of the day, and every day since :)
This is a picture of it after the set it up and before Cole got home.
Here is the video of Cole seeing it for the first time. No crazy reaction but you could tell he was super excited because he kept running in circles around it, trying each station a few times.

The little neighbor boy Jackson even came over to play with Cole. He is 6 but is so sweet to Cole. Jackson has a trampoline at their house so they swap between the two backyards.

Finley is a big fan of the swing too :)

It must be that we are starting the month of March or the weather but there is just nothing better than perfect weather, watching your kids play outside. The last two afternoons have been amazing, we literally have been outside all afternoon. Then when I put Finley down for her afternoon nap, I will take my Bible study outside and work on that while Cole plays. Of course he always wants me to swing or go down the slide with him but he will also play by himself and play pretend Buzz Lightyear so I can get some of my study done. I also love the fact that we have hardly had the tv or movies on, just a little bit in the morning while we do breakfast but after that, it's outside the rest of the day.
I'm just trying to soak it all in because I know that in a few short months the only time of the day we will be able to spend outdoors is 5:30am-6:00am :)


Rachel said...

LOVE the swing set!!! Can't wait to come play on it. :)

Bethany said...

wow….he's geting SO big! It's crazy how fast they grow!

Christi said...

Man it's got everything, nice! Thankful for generous grandparents I bet.
I grew up with the good ol metal swing set, our kids these days are definitely getting better toys!