Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend in Temple

We spent the weekend in Temple, Texas with our good friends/old neighbors. Ryan and Casey moved down to Temple awhile ago but just got into their gorgeous new house. It was also Kaylee's 1st birthday party so it was perfect timing to go down and spend some time with them. Boy, do we miss seeing them more often! But, this is the perfect location for them, more country and bambi running through their backyard...totally them!!! Their good friends from Houston also came down that we have met several times so we all had a great time. There were two 5 year olds, two 3 year olds and two babies....so all the kids did great!!! Cole had so much fun he could hardly contain himself.
This is Cole and Reese. She is such a sweet girl and they got along so great.
I didn't get a lot of pictures of Cole and the bigger kids because they spent most of the time outdoors so most of the pictures were of the little girls. The first night we were there was kind of miserable (for me) because I only got about 1 hr sleep combined. The 4 of us slept in the same room and it was a disaster. I guess Finley is used to her quiet room because anytime anyone would cough or make any noise, she would wake up. I brought her into the bed with me, which I never do, and she slept but mom did not. The next night we moved her out to the play room and we all did much better! I guess with me staying home with her, she has just gotten used to her bed, in a quiet room without many disturbances so anything outside of that she doesn't do as well. Guess that's my own fault :)
Oh well, she's still cute :)
Finley also enjoyed all the new toys to play with...the big kids kept pushing the little girls around on this doll jeep, so cute!
Here is Kaylee digging into her first cake. She was so funny, she tore right into it and got mad when mom took it away from her.

We got Kaylee and Finley into the wagon and they loved it. They kept "talking" to each other and flapping their hands in excitement. Times like these are when I'm sad these girls won't grow up together :(

Our last night there, Lexie let Cole sleep with her Minnie Mouse and he was so excited. When I went to check on him this is what I found...he was hugging on them so tight.
We had such a great weekend and loved spending time with the Holler's. We definitely miss having them next door but we will always stay in touch, they are just those type of friends...life-long friends!

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Christi said...

wait wait wait...you were in Temple and didn't stop to see us?! Guess we are not "life long friends"...
i kid, i kid, haha
Since I haven't talked to you in real life in like 3 years...(kel's and jack's wedding?) I don't expect a knock on our door, but if you ever need a pit stop on your drive down, or if a diaper explodes near us come on by!
We should definitely have a reunion come homecoming time! Our house, the park..where ever. It will be crazy to have our kids playing together..or running the trails! ah! so fun!