Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Today is Nick's birthday!!! This is about how excited Nick is to celebrate his birthday...
Not really....he actually says he feels really old and that 31 isn't anything special....boooo!!!! Of course it's special! :)
I just can't believe he's already that old :) These last 11 years have gone crazy fast. I remember celebrating his 21st birthday like it was yesterday. Boy was that a crazy night! Makes me really miss college :)
With everything we have been through, I still have a pretty big crush on him and definitely love him more each day...truly!!!
(You don't have to wonder where our children got their lips from!)
One of the kids present to him was this little picture frame thing I put together.
Of course trying to get a 3 and 8 month old to cooperate and not eat the paper or fall off the couch is a little tricky, luckily we have our new camera that takes the pictures fast!! But of course we had some funny outtakes :)

And just because she is the cutest girl ever, I took some cute pictures of Finley this morning. I could just eat her up!! She has been so smiley and cheesy lately...what a ham!

She was trying desperately to get the iPad from Cole. She pulled herself from one end of the couch to where Cole was so she could see what he was doing. She wants everything brother has and it sure annoys him :) I can't wait till she's bigger and they are constantly stealing toys from each other.....gonna be so fun :(
We are now going to go enjoy Nick's birthday and play outside....this 70 degree is so weird for February, of course we love it but hopefully that doesn't give us any inclination on what our summer will be like!

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