Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday morning, I had Mops and Gigi always watches Finley while I go to Mops. I was trying to get Cole out the door to take him to school and he had a bit of a meltdown because he wanted to stay home with Gigi and Finley. In the midst of my panic, because we can't be late for school, Gigi offered that she pick him up from school later and he spend the night at their house. Whew...and that was the only thing that got him out the door, knowing he could have a sleepover at Gigi and Granddad's house :)
Earlier in the morning, Cole had to show me his puzzle skills. This kid works on puzzles ALL the time!! He got one of these for his birthday and because he loves them so much, Gigi went and bought him about 10 more....seriously!!! haha!!! It amazes us how he can put all the pieces together, all by himself.
This is his Super Hero puzzle, but he also has a Cars 2, Diego, Mickey Mouse, I said, he has about 10 of them :)
Saturday afternoon, Granddad brought Cole back home and hung out at our house a bit. Granddad is headed to London for 6 weeks so he wanted to spend some time with the kiddos before he left.
Of course Cole was too wound up to take a real nap so later in the afternoon, he fell asleep on the couch.
Later that night, we went out with Nick's family to celebrate Nick and Emily's birthdays. We are always a little limited on places to go and the time of day if we take the kids, so we decided to get a sitter and go out with just the adults. It's always a nice treat to be able to eat dinner after 5:30 and to stay out past 8pm :)
We ate at The Oceanaire and our food was amazing!!!!!
Me and the hubs
Emily and Blake
Granddad and Gigi (Dennis and Tracy) :)
The birthday kids
The flaming Volcano....was so yummy!!!
It was such a fun night, but of course when your kiddos wake up early, that totally sucks!!! Ugh! Since we were all up early, we decided to go to early church then come home and take long naps. Except, instead of long naps, they both took short naps and then were cranky. Do you ever wonder if your children get together before anyone wakes up, decide to do anything and everything to drive their parents crazy, like it's their sole mission that day?? I think Cole and Finley did that to us yesterday :)
We also had Life Group last night and we really enjoyed it. I'm also super excited because this week I am starting a new Bible study at church. This is the new study we are doing.I love Beth Moore studies so I'm sure I will be learning a lot!
Well, that's our back to the grind of our normal weekly routine.

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Bethany said...

looks like a great study…I need to do another one of Beth Moore's studies!