Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend and a flashback

This weekend was filled with lots of time with great friends!! Before the weather got a little rainy and chilly, we made a trip to the park to burn off some energy. This is Finley's second time in the swing and so far she loves it! However, it is getting a little tricky following Cole around the park, making sure he doesn't fall off the monkey bars or the climbing wall and also trying to keep Finley entertained :) It will be so fun when they can run around together!
This video was from this weekend, just a funny clip of Cole trying to put Finley's bow back on
(sorry about the cheesy music in the background, Cole loves listening to disney music on Pandora at night...haha)

Friday night, we did was fabulous! :) We put the kids to bed and literally watched a little tv then went to bed ourselves.
Saturday, Nick helped Pete with some internet issues at their house and then that evening we went to their house for dinner so they could finish up playing with all the new "toys".
Here is Finley and James enjoying their date on the floor. They are starting to be so cute with each other, and James is definitely not looking that much smaller than Finley, he sure is catching up to her fast! I didn't get any pictures of Cole that night....he's always so busy going up and down their stairs and exploring their house :)
Sunday we went to the Fish's to watch the Super Bowl. They have such a fun house and Cole was in HEAVEN playing with all their stuff!!! They have 3 young boys so you can imagine the amount of "boy toys" at this house. He only stopped for about 2.5 minutes to eat a little bit of dinner then he was off again. They have a great media room that was great to watch the game in.
Of course it's kinda hard to watch much of the game when you are trying to keep a baby entertained and making sure your son isn't jumping off the top bunk bed :) but Nick and I took turns checking on kiddos so we could sit for awhile but we really didn't get to watch much of the game till after the kiddos went to bed.
We so appreciate the Fish's having everyone over, we had a blast!!! There were 13 kids, 14 adults, it was pretty crazy...but so fun!!!

As I was looking through some pictures, I decided to see where we were exactly a year ago. It's always fun to see how things can change in such a short amount of time and how different things can be. So this is where I was, 6 months pregnant and feeling large!
And this is kinda a classic picture in our house. This was Cole 1 year ago...being a typical boy. :) This is what we found one night after checking on him and of course we got a good laugh. That seems like it was just yesterday, it sure is crazy how the years are short...but boy, do the days seem loooooong sometimes:) haha!!!

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