Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 Years

After celebrating Cole's 3rd birthday MANY times in the last couple weeks, we are finally done with his birthday celebration and move onto dad's. Nick's birthday is tomorrow, February 2nd and we are going to try to make it a special day for him. Hopefully he can take part of the day off so we can spoil him :)
Cole had his 3 year well-check on Monday and I was kind of excited to get him back to the doctor since he hasn't been since he was 2. It's so weird how the first two years of their life, they go to the doctor every few months and then after 2, they only go once a year....strange! Anyway, there weren't too many things I wanted to talk to the doctor about, just his speech and his stuff I tell ya! I wasn't too worried about his speech but he doesn't articulate too well and I didn't know if it was because he was tongue-tied or if that's just the way he is. After talking with Cole, she told me his tongue has nothing to do with his speech and that I should not even worry about his speech. Of course, we COULD do some therapy but she said all kids are different and especially boys are a little less articulate. So, we'll work on his articulation and see how he is at 4 yrs. I also asked about him having troubles with his BM's in the toilet. He has seriously been pee-trained from the very beginning of potty training but has always troubles completely emptying himself on the toilet. He would just go little bits, all day long and cry and being the one that stays home with him, you can imagine how ANNOYING it is!!!!! Dr. Bain suggested giving him some pedialax every once in awhile (when we are at home for the day) to get him completely emptied out and that way he can't really hold it in too well. We also need to be better about giving him more Flax Oil and that should keep his stools a little softer because she thinks that it hurts him when he goes and that makes him not want to finish. Lovely topic eh???? Hopefully it works!
Other than those two things, he was great with everything else, all his milestones. He did not get any shots, probably won't till he's 4 or 5. He actually hasn't gotten any vaccines since 18 months so I'm sure when he has to get one down the road and is more aware of what's going on, he will not be thrilled. :)
Here are his stats from his appointment:
Weight: 33.4 lbs - 67%
Height: 39 in - 81%

I was surprised that he's still pretty high in the percentiles because he's gotten so skinny this year so I was glad to see he's still on the bigger size :)

However, so far....I'm not a huge fan of the "3's"!!!!! He was the best 2 year old, so sensitive and loving, would get so upset if we even raised our voice at him...totally his father's child!!! However, the last couple weeks, I don't know where the sweet, sensitive boy went!!!! Sheesh, he's been driving me up a wall and back down! Tantrums in restaurants, saying no to everything I say, not following directions, you name it. Although, all we really have to do is threaten a timeout and he usually shapes up. I love that timeouts still work wonders on this kid! Hopefully it's just a short phase because, I don't like it!! :)
Even though he's been a little bit of a challenge lately, we still love that silly guy so much! He still comes up to us for no reason and says "I wuv you mama" and gives me kisses. He really is such a sweet kid and we just love him to pieces! We can't wait to see what this next year is like and how much he grows. We love you Cole!!!

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