Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is it really winter?

This winter has been unseasonably warm. Usually this time of year we always have a big snow or ice storm. As much as the ice storms suck, I am a little afraid by this warm weather we are having, does it mean we are going to be at 110 degrees by March?? I sure hope not!
This week has been perfect playing outside weather, with just a light fav!
This is what Cole wanted to wear to play outside....yes, my dorky kid :) For some reason, he loves pulling his socks over his pants. Too bad Cole didn't live in the early 90's.
He did lots of running around, chasing the dogs, using the ball launcher...
And using his giant golf club as a bat...
Finley and I sat and watched him, of course she wanted to get down and play with him too, but until dad picks up dog poop and she is out of the eating everything stage, she will just have to hang out with mom :)
Another fun thing going on in our kids are starting to fight. Finley wants everything Cole has, Cole gets mad and takes toys away, Finley cries. Good times, I tell ya!
Cole has also been playing Buzz a lot this week. He got this Buzz towel from Auntie Em awhile ago and he loves wearing it around the house, kinda like a cape.
I also took some pictures of Finley. This girl is so funny, she always has some new funny face.
Besides playing outside a lot and taking funny pictures, Cole also visited the dentist again for a cleaning. I assumed I would go back with him while they cleaned and examined him but he was totally fine without me. I was sitting in the waiting room, laughing because of all the kids that were there, he was the only one I could hear....talking about using his Buzz laser on people.
He had a pretty good report, we do need to do a better job of getting his back molars cleaned but other than that, he's great.
I also started my new bible study this week and loved it! We meet every other Tuesday and I have a great group of girls in my small group for the study. I'm excited!
Well, we are headed outside for this weather!


Dennis said...

I love the Finley faces! Never realized how many different faces she make until you pointed it out. Great pic.

Christi said...

oh kids, that scene of Cole and Finely is looking familiar to us now too. Kayla is scooting like a chamo and going after Sean's toys. Just wait till she's fully mobile. I hear a lot of screaming in my future.