Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whirlwind with a side of crazy

 I'm not sure how we do it, but we have managed to get our lives in a bit of a whirlwind lately.  Leave it to us pack way too many things into our lives and how we don't lose sleep, I have no idea.  Before I get into some of our craziness, let me go back to last week.

Finley and I took Cole to get his hair cut.  Mimi won't be coming into town for a month and there was no way we could make it that long.  Plus, the rat-tail look really isn't flattering!
Finley loved sitting in the car while Cole got his hair done.
 And here is the handsome guy after....much better!

Later that afternoon, I had to go get a nail out of my tire and tire's rotated.  You can imagine my enthusiasm taking 2 small children to a place with giant tires and....other people.  BUT, they had me in and out of there in 20 minutes and the kids were actually really good.  They probably wanted the crazy lady with kids running all over the place in and out of the as quickly as possible, so thanks Discount Tire!!
Cole playing with his Sonic toy...this provided hours of entertainment
Finley being a cheese-ball
Sunday night, we were able to join our friends on Lake Lewisville for Scott's 40th birthday celebration.  Megan rented a party boat and it was so fun!  It rained a little bit that evening so the weather was absolutely perfect out on the water!  Actually, I was a little chilly once the sun went down.  Crazy for the middle of July.  (Don't worry, we are back into the 100's now...ugh).

Katie and Pete
All the girls
 Yesterday, what a treat we had!!!!  Casey (my best neighbor friend) and her two girls came into town for the day and we got to spend the day with them.  We SO miss them and hate that we live 3 hours away now.  But, when we see each other, we pick up right where we left off and don't skip a beat.  Casey had a doctor's appointment so I kept all 4 kids by myself for a couple hours.  I knew Lexie and Cole would be totally fine, but it was the two little girls that kept me on my toes!
Lexie was such a big help with the babies!!!  I miss this girl!
 I even managed to get them all fed.  In actuality, it was easier to have them all contained instead of running around the house, ha!

After lunch, I let them all play for a little bit then put the 3 younger ones to bed.  Yes, I felt like the greatest mom ever, getting 3 kids 3 and under down for naps with very little fussing!  I told Nick last night, we could have 5 kids, I could do it!!!!  He said, "I couldn't".  So, 2 is what we'll stick with :)
Kaylee and Finley playing with legos
 Finley loved following Lexie around and playing with her.  At one point, Lexie put the blanket on the floor and laid on it.  Finley laid down next to her and copied everything she did.

Pretending to be asleep
After all the kids woke up from naps we went to Bahama Bucks and got sno cones.  It was so nice spending the day with our friends and we sure do miss seeing them.  Hopefully we can make it down to their hood sometime soon.

Some big news from earlier this week....we sold our house!!  Well, we signed the contract and now we are in the 7-day option period and it should all be finalized soon.  Our closing date is Sept 19th so we have two months to get things packed up and into storage.  We are so blessed and I am so thrilled that we sold our house in 2.5 weeks!  We couldn't be happier.
I do feel a little bad because there was another buyer that was extremely interested in our house but were just a couple days too late.  Even though we had a contract on our house, they still came for a second showing last night and brought a whole entourage!  The reason I know this is because they were supposed to be out of the house by 7:15 so I headed home around that time.  They obviously were still there and stayed way past their allotted time and when they walked out (finally), they had everyone in their extended family and friends all there. :)  They showed up in 4 cars.  Poor people, will be so disappointed when they went through all that trouble and not even getting the option to get an offer in.  Oh well.

1, 2, 3, 4 cars
Now we just have to say some prayers that our house appraises for what the selling price was.  This will happen on Monday...eek!

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