Thursday, July 5, 2012

This past week

This has been such a strange week.  With having 4th of July in the middle of the week, it has just thrown everything off.  Honestly, it didn't really even feel like July 4th.  It was nice having Nick home an extra day though!  
A couple days ago, we were outside and Nick and Cole were playing baseball.  Cole has loved playing baseball lately and I must say, he can whack that ball pretty good.  We always say Cole is going to be our left-handed pitcher, but for now, he's just enjoying the batting part.

Cole also started swim lessons again this week.  When he was 18 mo he did the survival skills lessons and even though they are good in theory, I think it scared Cole and he's terrified to put his face in the water.  So hopefully these lessons will do him some good but I'm sure we will have to keep up some lessons throughout the year.

Monday after swim lessons and naps, we headed to the gym.  I used to try to go to the gym in the mornings, but realized the entire population of stay-at-home mom's went at the same exact I decided to go after their afternoon naps and it works great!!!  There's hardly anyone there and my kiddos don't get lost in the child care crowd.  One morning, I walked in and there were about 50 kids and Finley was eating a marker!!!  Yep, that was the last morning I was doing that!  They both enjoy going and Cole and Finley love playing in the basketball court after I pick them up from child care. :)

For our actual 4th of July day, we didn't do a whole lot....I didn't even take a picture of the kids!!!  Bad mom!  We did meet Nick's parents for lunch and then swam and had dinner with the Shempps.  Always a good time and the kids love being over there.

Today, we had more swim lessons, a showing, and then this lovely face needed to be hosed down after dinner.  I'm not really sure why she always has to put half her meal in her hair, but she does.  Just when I think we can go a day without taking a bath, she gets creative and makes hair gel out of spaghetti sauce.

This girl is crazy....but she makes us laugh :)

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Rachel said...

Cameron has requested more videos of Cole. "Mommy, want Cole Mommy!"