Monday, October 8, 2012

So many fun things!

Here are a few updates from our last week...

A Limo ride:  Uncle Blake and Auntie Em went to last weeks Monday night football game.  Blake is a big Chicago Bears fan so Emily got them tickets for his birthday.  However, when this nice white limo pulled up to take them to the game, Blake was definitely surprised!  
Cole even got in on one of the pictures...he thought it was pretty cool being inside the limo!

Nice weather = outside:  Last week was great weather, mostly in the 70's.  The little town where Nick's parents live, they have a great park with all these ponds and great walking trails.  There's lot of ducks to feed, puppies to pet and grass to run in.  However, I did get a little nervous with Finley because she has absolutely no fear so if I wasn't watching, she'd just jump right into that water trying to catch one of those ducks!

Friday got COLD!!!  We met up with Beau and Stacey and some other friends and celebrated Tiff's 30th birthday.  From the time we got to the restaurant to when we left, there was about a 20 degree drop, but I loved it!  As always, it was so good to hang out with our friends and celebrate a birthday!

Pumpkin Farm:  Saturday morning we had Miss Rowan's 1st birthday party at one of the best pumpkin farms.  We had been looking forward to going as a family and even though it was stinkin cold, we still had so much fun!  
I guess I wasn't quite ready for this cold weather because I couldn't find any of our winter stuff!  Somehow all my winter boots ended up in our storage unit, along with all my scarfs and some of the kids winter accessories.  Awesome!

Both kids loved feeding the animals but Finley was going crazy over them.  She kept saying "mooooo" to all the animals.  Apparently goats and cows are the same thing in her book!
Cole and I took a little train ride and he was so excited that I rode with him :)  Love this kid!
My attempt to get the kids in a picture together.  Not bad, eh?!?  And yes, those are socks on Finley's hands :)

Rehearsal Dinners:  Our good friend Christian, Nick's roommate from college and one of our best friends, got married this weekend so Saturday night we had the rehearsal dinner at Carey's parents house in the old part of McKinney.  I absolutely love this neighborhood and all the houses, so cool!!  Nick was a groomsman so he had to be at the rehearsal earlier than the kids and I so we hung out at the house for awhile before we drove up to McKinney.
Love this sweet face
Finley has to copy everything Cole does....always!
I knew most of the rehearsal dinner was going to be outside so I had to put Finley in her poncho that Mimi got her last winter.  This thing is the greatest and she got so many compliments on it.  Granddad just thought this was the funniest thing when we got her into the carseat with the ponch on :)
The rehearsal dinner was great, the food was amazing but if you can imagine, it was tiring trying to keep the kids under control.  Finley just wants to get into everything and do things that are a little fall down wood stairs, oops!  So, we didn't stay too long at the rehearsal dinner.

Monty Python themed wedding:  Yes, you read that correctly.  Christian and Carey had a Monty Python themed wedding and it was hysterical!  Like I said, Nick was one of the groomsmen so I had a little bit of an idea of what it was going to consist of but I had no idea just how hilarious it was going to be!  Christian and Carey did not disappoint and definitely went all out!  Good for them!  It definitely was a wedding I will NEVER forget.    
I tried to get a picture of Nick before the wedding.....
but he pranced away before I could get a good one...true story!

This is a video of the groomsmen/women galloping (yes, galloping) into the ceremony.  I can't make this stuff up, people!!

The full wedding party
And Nick waiting to take pictures after the ceremony
It was hard to take this picture seriously...
We love Christian for him and all his quirks.  He is such a great friend and we couldn't be more excited for him and Carey.
Best of friends!!!
Matt, Nick and Chris (these three are trouble!!!!)

Even though it was a busy and crazy weekend with lots of driving, we still had so much being with great friends and celebrating such a wonderful thing.  We are so blessed to have such great people in our lives!

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