Sunday, October 28, 2012

Standup and cutie pies

 This past Friday, a bunch of our Baylor people friends got together to see an old friend perform at Hyena's in Dallas.
 This is Clinton Pickens
 Clinton went to Baylor with us and was on the crew team for a couple years.  He was such a fun person to have around, always making everyone laugh!  We always knew Clinton would go on to do something fabulous because he was one of the most talented people we knew.  Clinton did go on to Los Angeles and has been doing stand up and commercials and I remember last year when we were watching the Super Bowl, all of a sudden we saw Clinton on TV!  Pretty cool!!!
It was so good to see him on Friday and he definitely did not disappoint...he's hilarious!  And a clean hilarious!
Again, there were about 10 of us that were out that night and it was so much fun to be with so many of our friends.  We hit up a couple cool places and it also was super nice not having to worry about getting back in time to relieve the babysitter because Dennis and Tracy stayed with the kids.  Nick and I got home after 1:00am and I can't even remember the last time we did that.  It was a blast!
Emily and I were trying to figure out how to work Conner's phone, both Emily and I have iPhone's but for some reason his iPhone was just a little tricky to figure out....apparently. 
Oh Blake....what are we going to do with you??
After about 5 tries, we finally got a good picture :)

 This weekend has been gorgeous weather so we've been trying to play outside.  This morning while Cole was running errands with Granddad, we took Finley outside to play.  Her and Dad were playing hockey and these next three pictures crack me up....she looks like a zombie, trying to get that hockey stick.
It's almost like a flip book...

 Cole and Finley wore matching outfits today and they were absolutely adorable so I "tried" to get some pictures of them today.  I mean, they were so cooperative, looked at the camera, said "cheese"...perfect angels!!!......Not!
This is about as good as I got....aren't they precious!
 She is always making this face lately and it's hilarious!
 Cutest smile this kid, he pretty much melts my heart!

I had to share this picture of Finley during her nap.  She is always sticking her legs through the posts of her bed and today when I walked in I just had to laugh.  I guess she's taking after her brother in the crazy sleeping positions.
Meet Finley's best friend, her name is Roxy.  I can't remember the last time I've had a picture of the dogs on our blog but this is pretty much the story of Finley and Roxy's life.  If Finley has food in her hand, Roxy is attached to her hip.  Finley loves it though because she absolutely loves her doggies!  They were taking a break on Cole's bed this afternoon...:)

Hope Everyone had a great weekend!!!

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Rachel said...

Finley's hair is really growing! :)