Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 This year was definitely the most fun Halloween we've had as parents!  I'm pretty sure Cole had been wearing his costume for the last month (definitely got use out of that) and he was so excited about all the fun festivities.  Even Finley understood the whole trick or treating thing.  Probably from watching big brother is what made her excited about the whole thing.  

Our Halloween festivities started with Cole's class party on Tuesday.  I am so thankful that his class parties are in the afternoon because last year his parties were always first thing in the morning and with me working, I could never make the morning parties.  I would be crushed if I couldn't be there for his parties.  He is definitely a very sensitive child and would be sad if he didn't have family there when the other kids did.
They did all kinds of fun stuff, decorated pumpkins, decorated cookies, sang songs and told stories.  I absolutely love seeing Cole in his school element and how he acts around the other kids and adults.  Cole also had to go around to each kid and introduce me to all his was adorable!!

Thursday evening, the kids could hardly contain themselves.  I love when you have leverage like trick or treating and they eat all their dinner...every single bite! :)
We got them ready and took some pictures before we headed out.
Cole was Ironman and Finley was a Garden Gnome
Showing off his muscles
Our little gnome couldn't keep her fingers out of the candy dish

She nursed that sucker all night long!!! 
Cole was the sweetest and held Finley's hand from door to door
We were so impressed that Finley went up to the doors with Cole.  She'd get right in there, say "please" "thank you" and "bye bye"....then she's awkwardly stand and stare at them, ha!
No way were we going to pay for that Monty Python costume and not get good use out of it!!!
You are hot stuff Nick!!!
After we were done trick or treating, a bunch of the neighbor kids all gathered around Tracy's house and helped hand out more candy and played their little hearts out.
This is Joshua and Cole....Cole didn't know what to think about there being another Ironman!!
Who has the bigger muscles, eh??

It was so fun watching all the kids play last night, we found so many friends to play with!  We pretty much had to drag Cole into the house and he was very sad to say bye to his friends.  I love seeing him have so much fun.
Here is our family....I didn't have much of a costume, just a fun headband
Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

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Bethany said...

how cute are they?!?! And I LOVE halloween with the kids…it's the best! They are just filled with so much joy, you can't help feel it too!