Monday, October 1, 2012

The House and some animals

 Last week I needed to go up to our storage unit to see if I could get into our filing cabinets.  Well, the door went down as quickly as it went up.  I took one look into that storage unit and was appalled with the scariness of it!  Needless to say, I did not get what I needed and won't be opening that door again till the day we move!  While I was up there, Cole and I drove by to see the progress of the house.  With being kinda far away from the new house, we don't get to see the progress as much.  I knew that they started the framing last week so I was anxious to see something other than a slab of concrete. it is!!!!  Lovely ain't it??
 Cole is funny, when I said to him, "Cole look, there is our new house", he looked at me and said, "that's not our house, that house is broken". :)  Love his little mind!
This is also our house.  Behind our street is a big green space with a pond and nice walking trail, so this is our house from the back.  I love that we don't have neighbors behind us!
 Here is another view, I put an arrow there to show you where our house is, but you can see the pond in this picture.
 And this is the last view.  Again, there is an arrow pointing to where our house is so you can see how close we are to the park, pool, splash park, etc.  We are about a 4 second walk to all the fun-ness!!
 It's pretty exciting to see our house start to actually look somewhat like a house now.  The builder told us that once we get into the brick, stone and doing more of the interior stuff, it might slow down some because they have a shortage of workers.  We are totally fine with that because we are not in a hurry one bit and that means we can just save that much more money.

I also wanted to show some pictures of a birthday party we attended for our good friends Matt and Katy.  Their little girls Morgan and Rory have birthdays pretty close so they combined them and it was a blast!  Unfortunately the weather was a little crummy, wet and rainy, but everyone still had fun.  They had a petting zoo and it was great for all ages.  I knew Finley would go crazy for the animals because she's obsessed with any animal.  Cole was even having a ton of fun.  
This was a little pony that was very colorful!
 Finley kept calling all the animals "doggy".

The kids had a great time and took good naps, I knew they were worn out.  However, I do kind of feel like Cole is starting to transition out of his naps....booooo!!!  It's so hard because he doesn't want to take a nap and if he does it's for like 20 minutes but then but 6:00pm, he's in meltdown mode.  Hopefully we'll get that figured out soon because I don't like crabby Cole!

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