Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a crazy, busy but fun Labor Day weekend! The weather was cooler this weekend so we took advantage and spent a lot of time outside. Friday afternoon we played outside, went on some walks, watched Cole push his car around, and tried to explain to Cole that we couldn't go swimming even though he wanted his crab out. :)
Look at that face!
Saturday morning we headed to Ft. Worth for our little friend Morgan's 3rd birthday. She had it at the Ft. Worth zoo and it was a blast! We had a private room where the workers from the zoo would bring in animals for all the kids to see....crocodiles, penguins, etc. The kids got such a kick out of the animals up close and you can see that Cole was pretty amused by the whole thing!
I've said it before that Cole does not have a sweet tooth. I've tried ice cream, cake....he just turns his nose up to it. At Morgan's party, Cole ate about 3 pieces of pizza but of course did not save room for cake. He was still eating pizza even after all the kids finished their cake.
I did feel a little bad for Cole because he was pretty much the only boy at this party. You can see in this picture that he sat at one end of the table and all the girls sat at the other end...haha!
After we ate, opened presents and ate cake, we went into the zoo to see the animals. Ft. Worth zoo is such a great zoo and Cole enjoyed it much more than our Denver zoo experience this summer! He saw some pretty cool animals and unfortunately, we couldn't stay too long because we had another birthday party to go to.
It worked out for us to leave early though, because Cole didn't last too long once we got him in the stroller. Poor guy, we need to get him a neck pillow!
After we left the Ft. Worth zoo and successfully transferred Cole to the car without waking him, we headed back to our neck of the woods so we could go to Lexie's 4th birthday party. It was a Fancy Nancy theme and once again....Cole was the only boy (besides twin boys that re 3 months). All these little girls were so excited about all the girly gifts and then what is Cole doing??? He's at the TV trying to play with the manly stuff. :)
So....some of my friends need to start having more boys!!! Sheesh!
Saturday night we just hung out at the house, Cole was pretty exhausted after a long day of birthday parties...and hanging out with girls. :) He passed out pretty quickly Saturday night and I had to take his picture because I went in to check on him and he was laying so funny.
Does everyone remember my post a couple weeks ago about Cole not sleeping well and then us bringing him into bed with us?? Well, he's been sleeping so much better lately, but Sunday morning he woke up at 6:30 and he was laying in our bed, drinking his milk and watching the Sprout channel. Next thing I know, Cole fell asleep pretty much laying on top of me so I slithered out of the bed because I was so uncomfortable and once again, this is how our bed looked!!!!
Once again....my two guys AND the monkey kicked me out of bed. That monkey is no longer allowed in our bed Cole!

Cole has been obsessed with our vacuum lately and he's always trying to help us vacuum the house. So instead of battling him we decided to just buy him his own vacuum.
He played with it all day Sunday and thinks he's so cool!
Nick even got to play with it a little bit...sorry Nick, I think it's a little small for you!
After a long and exciting weekend, we are back at our normal grind. BUT, how exciting is it that football starts this week! Nick and I are so excited about the Vikings/Saints game on Thursday! We are also so excited that Cole's Vikings jersey still fits him. Well, we can't button it on the bottom anymore, but we'll just tuck it into his pants and not button it, nobody will know! :)
Go Vikings!!!

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