Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My nice camera is being neglected

Ever since Nick and I got our new phones, our poor camera has been neglected. I'm the mom that usually takes a gazillion pictures of everything but now with our new phones, we tend to use those more because it also has video. you can see by these pictures in this post, the quality really is nothing to compare to our regular camera. I think it's time we pull her back out to give us some better quality. It's just so much easier to stick our skinny little phones in our pockets and not have to worry about lugging around our big camera.
So again, sorry for the horrible quality of these pictures!!!

Last Sunday we went to see our friends Matt and Katy and their two girls Morgan and Rory. They have a great house with LOTS of fun things to play with! Cole was pretty much in heaven for 2 hours. Matt, who is a fireman, cooked us the most fantastic brunch. Why are all firemen such great cooks!?! He made pancakes like I have never tasted, eggs,! His pancakes are so good that he won't even give his wife the recipe...ha!
It was so great to catch up with them and let the kiddos play.
This is Cole and Morgan trying to share the red chair. Nick said Cole was pulling an "Annie" in this picture because apparently I will always squeeze my way onto the couch so I can sit right next to Nick....even though nobody else is sitting on the couch. What can I say, I like my husband :)
We haven't done a whole of exciting things this week, just hanging out at home, running errands and playing outside a lot. Yesterday we both ended up drenched while playing with the hose in our backyard. Great times!
Cole has also gotten really good at putting himself in timeouts! Even if I say, "Cole, do you need a timeout", he totally breaks down, cries, throws himself on the floor and basically puts himself in a timeout.
Here is how it usually ends up looking......

To say our child got his father's sensitivity is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!

Even though it's super hard to get stuff done when Cole is awake because he's so fun to play with AND you can't take your eyes off him for a second, I still have to get chores done so I thought I would just hire some cheap labor. :) Isn't he cute?
Last night, well, Cole was NOT in a good mood. We couldn't do anything right, even if I'd leave the room he'd have a meltdown. This picture literally was the only time he semi smiled all night. Mr. Grumpy pants!!! I even took his clothes off, usually if you take his clothes off he gets super happy. :)
Here is a random picture from the other night at Lexie's house. Of course they were getting into all her toys and he came out of her bedroom wearing a necklace and high heels! Maybe we need to stop playing with Lexie...haha!!!

We are ready for the long weekend!!! We have 2 birthday parties and a couple other things planned so we should be plenty busy! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


The Volks said...

Cole doesn't look like a baby anymore, he's starting to look so grown up. It's so crazy. I love the picture with the vacuum...too funny!

Emily said...

I wonder who he got the "putting yourself in timeout" gene from :)