Monday, September 13, 2010


We always seem to pack a lot into our schedules and this weekend wasn't much different. We were so excited that last week was the start of a new football season. That was one stipulation in me being Nick's wife...that I have a passion for football :) ha! Well, he lucked out because I'd rather watch football over most sports and we can definitely sit down on the couch for hours and watch the games. Well....before Cole came along, we could sit down for hours and watch, but now it's a different story! :)
Thursday night was the first Vikings game and everyone knows Nick is a die-hard Vikings fan! So, I made chili and we invited his family up to watch the game. Cole has really become a big fan of Blake and Emily lately. He still can't say Blake yet, but he goes around saying, "Em, Em". So cute!
Here is Cole showing Blake his monkey and Where's Waldo cards. Oh, and Blake was nice enough to hold his milk for him. :)
They are deep in thought....
Unfortunately the Vikings lost but it was still fun to watch.

Saturday morning Cole was fascinated with trying to put clothes on himself. He started off with trying to put a swim diaper on himself (which I didn't get pictures of). He would get both legs through one hole and then walk around like a penguin.
He then was trying to put his tshirt on like pants....

Needless to say, he totally stretched out the neck of this shirt!!! Ugh! I know, why didn't I stop him right!?! It was just so funny and I knew he wouldn't wear the shirt again.
We also wanted to take some silly pictures Saturday morning. My silly kid hamming it up for the camera!

This picture cracks me up
Saturday evening we took dinner over to our friends The Phillips. They just had baby Emily a few weeks ago and we had yet to see her. Their older son Joseph is close to a year older than Cole so they had a lot of fun playing together. Anytime there are new toys to play with, Cole is in heaven!
Here is me with little miss Emily
Joseph and Cole playing....Joseph also just moved into his "big boy" room and Joseph was so proud to show it off! He also wanted to show us the stars on his ceiling :)
We also went and got ice cream with the Phillips on our way home. It was way past Cole's bedtime but we had such a great time and I know the kids had so much fun. Although Cole didn't participate in the ice cream eating b/c once again, he does not like sweets! Crazy kid!

Sunday morning we met Nick's family for brunch. Cole was so good at brunch which was a little surprising b/c at his age we usually try to not go out in public...ha! But, Granddad and Gma brought him a few toys to play with so he stayed pretty busy.
There also was a man there making balloon animals/characters for the kids and he is amazing! Seriously some of the things he was making was incredible! When Gma Tracy took Cole up to get one made, Cole said "Dog" so that's what they made him.
Cole was helping the man out and holding the balloons for him.
Here he is giving Cole the final product. Cole thought it was pretty cool!
Another picture of Cole with his new puppy :)

Why is it that when I was little, I wanted nothing more than to wear glasses? Were all kids like that or was it just me?? Weird??? And NOW that I'm older, I'm told I have to wear them and I want nothing more than to NOT wear them? This did not work out in my favor!!
Anyway, I never needed glasses when I was younger but in the past few years my eye sight has gotten pretty bad, especially my right eye. After Nick and my mom bugged me for over a year to go to the doctor I finally went today. Another reason I was anxious to go was that I've been getting Ocular migraines a lot! I've kind of always gotten them as an adult but in the past few months I've been getting them quite often. So I wanted to get that checked out too. Ocular migraines don't hurt, I just get those squiggly lightning bolt things in my eye sight and it's super annoying!
Well, my eye sight has definitely gotten significantly worse and he ruled out me using contacts. I have tried contacts before but they have never been comfortable and my new eye doctor from today said that I have dry patches and that would make contact wearing uncomfortable so he thinks I should stick to glasses....boooo!!!
We also had to do the good 'ol glaucoma testing. My brother had glaucoma so anytime doctors hear that it's a total red-flag! He checked me out and said everything is perfect though. He said that if my Ocular migraines get worse and I start to get headaches along with them that we'll have to get a neurological exam. Oh joy! But, hopefully they will subside some!

These are the glasses I picked out. They are Coach and super cute!
I had no idea what kind to look at or what style would be good for my face so I had the guy working there make a suggestion and this is what he picked. I think my picking-out-glasses experience took a whole 5 minutes! If anyone knows me, that's totally how I roll! I hate shopping!
Maybe one of these days when my eyes stop getting worse and worse, I can think about getting lasik, but till then, I'll stick to the glasses, ugh!

Because I had to go to the eye doctor today after school, I had to leave Cole at Jennifer's till after his nap. Typically I pick him up before he naps and we'll go home for that, but he slept there today. Jennifer was laughing so hard because today was the first day Cole slept on a nap mat and not in the pack n play. She said she would lay him down and then next thing she knew, she would turn around and Cole would be standing right behind her. She'd then go lay him back down and same thing. He wasn't upset or anything, he just kept getting up and following Miss Jennifer around. But finally he got that he had to stay there and he took a good nap. Gosh they grow up fast!

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