Friday, September 24, 2010

Our New Favorite Song

I don't think I have gone this long without a blog post! I do have to admit that once you go longer than a week, it's so easy to just not do it. I have been procrastinating and really not in the mood to do one, probably because our lives have been pretty boring lately! ha! Not boring, just nothing too exciting. I haven't even taken any good pictures lately. However, last night Nick taught Cole a new song and it is by far Cole's fav now! Nick was doing the song with him right before bedtime so you can image that the last thing he wanted to do was go to bed. He was just having way too much fun.
You will also laugh because Nick would try to distract him with other songs and he wanted nothing to do with that!

Like I said, we haven't done too many exciting things lately. Last weekend I played Bunko at church with a bunch of ladies and that was super fun, especially being able to meet new people! I love meeting new friends! At church last Sunday our pastor did a message on service so I decided that I needed to start working in the nursery at church :) I'm pretty excited, I'll do it every other week and I'll be with the walkers! These kids are so crazy but I'm super excited for it! ha! I won't be in with Cole because he's with the older group but I didn't want to be in with Cole because he needs to socialize on his own.
Cole and I are headed to Colorado in 2 weeks to see my family. I cann't wait, mostly to be in great, cool weather. I'm getting so sick of this Texas heat and I'm in need of my long sleeves to make their appearance. Nick won't be able to come with us this time because he is going to the Baylor/Texas Tech football game that weekend plus he's super busy with work. So, it will just be me and Cole this time. I'm already having sleepless nights just thinking about flying by myself with Cole, oh, and DURING his naptime. Ugh, what was I thinking!
I'll leave you with one last video from last week. For some reason Cole kept pulling his pants up to his chest, making himself look like a little old man. It was pretty funny!


The Volks said...
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The Volks said...

Okay so a couple of things...1) I love the ring around the rosie video, that is the cutest thing ever! Seriously, it might be my favorite Cole video after the jump one 2) I think you're confused, you can't wait to come to Colorado because you get to see us, not because you're excited about the weather :)and 3) you guys have a lot of toys! We definitely need to come and visit, Cameron will have a blast playing at you house.

The Bare Crew said...

we are crying from laughing so hard!!