Friday, October 1, 2010

This week

Man, I really am slacking on the blogging thing! I must be in a funk, either that or our lives are boring and not quite blog-worthy. Here are a few things that have been going on this week:
Last Friday afternoon I took Cole to our pep rally. It gave us something to do and it totally engages him! He loves all the dancing and hootin and hollerin, and he claps for everything! I don't think he has ever sat so still in my lap, ever! He also had fun with his little friend Evan that came. They are only a few months apart and they were acting like crazy men, running all over the place.
Here are the boys shaking the gate. :)
Then we went outside and the boys were running around like crazy men...again. They would run up to the door and then back to the parents, like they were chasing eachother. It's so fun to see Cole "play" with other children now. I know that until they are closer to 2, they don't really understand how to interact with other kids and playing with them, but now he loves being around other kids and being silly. Sometimes I think Cole would have made a great 2nd child, because he loves being around older kids! :)

The last couple days I've noticed that Cole has been a bit crabby. He would wake up from his nap after an hour (which is so not like him b/c he'll usually take a 3 hour nap) and he would just cry, like he was in pain. Same thing at night...he would wake up every few hours and just cry. We knew something was wrong but didn't know what. Good thing we have a smart babysitter because I mentioned it to her and she said, "he's getting his back molars, didn't you know?" Haha, I guess that totally makes sense, duh!
So after Cole woke up from his nap yesterday and cried on and off for an hour and looking pitiful like this picture....and yes that is a tear going down his face....
I finally gave him some tylenol and he quickly felt so much better and was back to his normal self.

Last night, I was in a mood for sushi and we have a pretty good place by our house so I took Cole with me to get an order to-go. When I walked in, they had totally redone the inside and it was pretty cool. They even had a place in the back with a bunch of kid stuff. So while we waiting for about 15 min, Cole was pretty entertained by all the fun stuff there.
Lately, Cole has been into this phase of trying to put his clothes on himself. Although, most things always end up on his legs, even if it's a shirt. When Nick got home last night, the first thing he usually does is takes off his dress shirt, so Cole grabbed it and tried to put it on. Of course he first tried to put it on like pants so we helped him out a little bit. :)
This is just a cute picture on our way to school this morning. We have about a 25 min drive into Jennifer's and he usually just sings or eats some cereal but this morning he was being so quiet and just looking out the window. Wonder what he's thinking about.....:)
We have a pretty busy weekend planned. Nick is going out with "the guys" tonight and then we are going to Top Golf tomorrow night to celebrate a friends birthday. Ryan and Casey are going to watch Cole tomorrow night so I'm sure he'll have a blast!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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