Monday, October 18, 2010

One new thing and our weekend

Now that we have told our families, we have decided to tell everyone now!

** Yes, Cole is going to be a big brother come May. I'm starting to realize lately, that this may be why I've been bad at this whole blogging thing lately. Not that we haven't had anything else exciting going on, but I just haven't had the energy to get on the computer. Yep, those good 'ol hormones have definitely kicked in and Annie is NOT feeling the greatest!!! I'm feeling almost exactly how I did with Cole....tired, gaggy, can't look or even look at food (especially meat!), I've been living off of cereal, peanut butter toast, popcorn, apples and a few other things that MIGHT sound good at the moment. Our poor house has really been neglected, I can't even remember the last time I did a load of laundry. Well, I'll put a load in, but finishing the load is a whole new story. Nick has been so awesome the past few weeks. He literally has done the dishes every day because looking and smelling old food just disgusts me right now. Thanks Nick!
I'm almost 10 weeks along, so I'm really hoping that this yucky-ness goes away SOON!
I also feel like the worlds worst mom right now. It's definitely hard going through a pregnancy when you have a toddler to take care of. He's at that age where he just wants to play and all I want to do is lay on the couch. I have let Cole watch one too many Elmo DVD's lately and I hate being that mom!
So again, this 1st trimester needs to hurry up and be over so I can start being a better wife and mommy!
Alright, so enough complaining......this weekend we took Cole to a really cool Pumpkin patch. It was on a farm way out in Celina which is about 30 min away from our house and WAY out in the country. I absolutely loved it out there. If anyone knows me, you know that someday I want to live on acreage and have lots of space for my kids to run around and play and be kids and not have to worry about cars running them over! :)
Anyway, this farm was so cool.....they had animals for the kids to feed.
Here is Cole feeding the goats

Although, he hated his hands being dirty :)
They had longhorns to feed

They also had hayrides, which we didn't go on and other fun kid rides. They had some really cute phot opps set up all over the farm.

We also had lunch there, Cole and Nick had thier hotdogs and I ate my peanut butter/jelly sandwich I brought from home b/c hot dogs are y-u-c-k!!!! :) (Again, these are the hormones talking)

Cole then picked out his pumpkin to take home

I think Cole had a great time, especially seeing all the animals and just running around.

The rest of the weekend, we didn't do a whole lot. Blake and Emily came over Sunday to watch the Vikings/Cowboys game. Nick was so pumped up for this game and luckily the Viks did not disappoint.

Cole got to wear his new Adrian Peterson jersey and it sure looked good on him!
Here is Cole hanging with Auntie Em, but being a real cool dude wearing Uncle Blake's sunglasses. :)


Him and Her said...

YAY! Congratulations!! Something is in the water, haha(not my water though!) Seems like everyone is poping up preggo recently! Very exciting! and Cole looks very handsome in that first photo! Congrats again, hope you get to feeling better soon!
wow, every sentence there ended with an "!" !

Matt said...

OK you are in trouble...I see you twice while your back in CO and you don't say a word!!! BIG TROUBLE!! CONGRATS!...tell Nick I say hello!!

-matt anderson