Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Part of our Colorado trip

Last Thursday, Cole and I flew to Colorado to see my family. We were very sad that Nick didn't come with us, but he already had tickets to see Baylor/Texas Tech play and had some friends from Houston coming into town. We definitely missed Nick, but we had a great time seeing my family! I'm usually so good about taking tons of pictures and I had every intention of taking a ton of pictures, but that is kind of hard to do when you forget the card for the camera. Yeah, good job Annie! So, I only took a few pictures from my phone which aren't the greatest quality but I did take a bunch of pictures with my parents camera but of course when I went to copy them before I left, the computer crashed. Just my luck! Hopefully my kind parents will send me some soon! :)
Anyway, I was a little nervous about flying with Cole, all by myself, especially during nap time, but he did awesome! On the way to Denver, we luckily had the only empty seat next to us so Cole could have his own seat. It's nice b/c he's finally at the age where he will sit and watch a DVD and not just want to get down and run everywhere. I was very pleased with how well he did, good job Cole!
We didn't have too much on our agenda over the weekend, just lots of hanging out, enjoying the weather and chasing after Cole. I think my dad is REALLY having a blast with Cole right now because he's starting to be a typical little boy and rough house and "play" more. Whenever my mom or dad would leave the room, Cole would yell either, "Mimi" or "Papa" till they came back into the room. One of the mornings my dad went downstairs to do his P90X workout and Cole wanted to join him. It was pretty hilarious watching Cole trying to copy whatever my dad was doing.
Here are the two guys, getting their workout on
I was super excited to see Cameron, since I hadn't seen her since July. We got to see them quite a bit and I even got to babysit her for awhile one afternoon. She has gotten so big and so curious! She is so funny because she was so interested in Cole and what he was doing and she always wanted to be by him. She would climb right on top of him and he didn't quite know what to think about that...ha! I can just see them two of them next summer, "Mom, Cameron won't leave me alone" :) ha!
The weather was great while we were there. A little chilly in the mornings, which required a jacket and hat, and perfect during the day. I thought this picture was so stinkin cute, he looks like a 3 year old!
Just like we do everytime we get together with Mimi, Cole was due for another haircut. I knew my dad would be horrified by how long his hair was so he got about 2 inches cut off. My dad said his hair wasn't church-appropriate...haha!
I thought this picture was funny because he looks like a Beetle :)
Here is a super close-up of his new haircut, but it gives you an idea of how much he got cut off. I think the new cut makes him look so old! I love it though and he's gotten so many compliments.
Cole and I flew home yesterday and I really wasn't too excited about coming back to TX. It still feels a little bit like summer here and I'm totally ready for winter!
I knew yesterday's flight wouldn't be as smooth as the way to Colorado because I had a middle seat and the flight was completely packed. I also realized as we were walking onto the plane that we left Cole's favorite monkey in my mom's car! Not Cool at all!!!!! He has to have this certain monkey to sleep with so I totally started to panic. I called Nick and he said it would all be ok and then I called my mom and told her to "mail it right away!!!!"
So, the flight went great, Cole did absolutely amazing! We literally had no room to move but he sat so still and watched his DVD. I was so excited because I bought a Snapple to drink on the flight and I accidentally spilled the whole thing in my bag. Everything was soaked! So trying to clean that up without touching the people next to us and trying to not drop my kid on the floor, I was not too successful.
BUT, when we got to DFW, Nick picked us up and we were so thrilled that he stopped and got a few treats for Cole!!!!
Nick found the exact same Monkey as his other one, it just doesn't have the nasty smell from Cole chewing on the hands and he also got him Elmo, which is his new favorite thing right now! Cole was pretty excited about his new toys, but when I was putting him to bed last night, I was watching him on the video monitor and I could tell that he was looking for his favorite monkey and checking all the hands of the animals. Luckily, he didn't fuss, I think he was just so tired that he slept with whatever was there. Thank God!
Now we are back at our regular grind, looking forward to Thanksgving break. Only a month and a half! I can do this!!!

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