Thursday, August 26, 2010

This past's been awhile!

I started my first week of working part-time and so far, it's been really fun! I teach 2 classes in the morning, leave school by 11:30, pick Cole up and am home by 12:15....just in time for him to take a nap. It's nice because it gives me a chance to get a few things done so that when he wakes up from him nap, we can play. The beginning of this week was unbearably HOT! Like 107....if anyone knows me or has heard me complain about Texas summers, you know I'm not a fan! It's hard to work part-time and spend the afternoons with your toddler when you are stuck inside. One afternoon I had to go get a couple birthday presents so of course I had to stop and let Cole play with all the other kids. He had a great time!

Luckily, there was a cold front that came through yesterday and the temperatures have been in the 80's which is awesome for Texas this time of year! Cole and I even went on a wagon ride yesterday and spent a lot of the afternoon outside, which he absolutely loves! When it was finally time to go in and eat dinner, he threw a big tantrum. :)

Cole has been doing great at Jennifer's (our new sitter). He cried most of last week when we would drop him off, but this week he's gotten much better and hardly cries at all. AND, when it's time to pick him up, it takes a little bit of time to pry him away from whatever it is he's doing.
Jennifer sent some of us mom's this picture today while we were at school. These are the 4 older kids, so you can see that they are all very close in age!

Some other exciting news....Nick and I both got the new iPhone 4! We were thinking about waiting awhile before we got them but we decided to pull the trigger and just go for it. We knew that we wanted to put our old iphone's up for sale on ebay to see if we could get a little bit of money for them, so Nick first put my iphone 3G up for sale and eventually it sold for $167!!! We were shocked!!! THEN, Nick put his up after mine and got $181!!!!! Are you serious!!! So, all in all, we only had to pay a little bit extra for the brand new phones. Crazy!
The new phones are so much fun, Cole loves to call dad at work because we can now video talk. There is also a camera on the front of the phone so it's easier to take self-take pictures...ha!
Cole thought this was the funniest thing when we got home today, he kept wanting me to take pictures over and over.

So I'm going to do a bit of complaining now.....for the past few weeks, Cole has been waking up in the middle of the night, or, he will wake up at like 5:00am. He doesn't do it every night, just a few times a week. Nick will go into his room, rock with him for a few minutes, Cole will fall right back to sleep and that's that. I guess I'm more of the mean parent because I just try to make Cole cry it out because I felt that if we were going into his room every time he woke up, that he would just keep doing it. After a couple nights of trying the cry it out method, which obviously wasn't working because he would get so worked up and have snot dripping down his face and then try to climb out of his crib. It's so much easier when one of us can go in there, give him a little cuddle and he'll be back to sleep in a jiffy. I was reading in my fabulous "Sleep Easy Solution" book that I read when Cole was itty bitty to get him to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and I read up on the toddler stuff. It said that between 18 months-2 years, they will wake up sometimes in the night because they are afraid and just need a little cuddle. They don't understand that mom/dad is in the next room. So, I'm hoping he grows out of this soon. Till then, our weekends might just keep turning out like this early in the mornings......
This was after a 5:30am wake up.....Nick and I were so tired still and knew that Cole was not ready to get up for the day. I brought him into bed with us (which I hate doing) and of course he passed out, taking up half the bed. We have a king-sized bed and these two guys, including the monkey, gave me the boot! This also was after Cole head butted my face and gave me a puffy lip for awhile, I then decided it wasn't even worth fighting over a space on the bed so I probably went and watched TV or something.
Again, I hope this phase goes away quickly.....I like our "good sleeper" Cole much better!!! :)


Him and Her said...

I didn't know you were doing part time, that's awesome! I've known several moms that had full time jobs before baby and were able to snag part time jobs after. I hope to eventually do that!
Thank goodness for this cold front! But after my target run during lunch it was already hot again, booo.
I would have totally done the cry it out also. But when you mentioned what the book said about the child being scared and just needing a cuddle, I can see that. Hopefully it’s a phase. I wonder home many times we moms say that, "it’s probably just a phase", haha.

Stacey said...

haha - love that last picture! ;-) What will I do with a queen bed?! yikes. :)

The Volks said...

I love how all the kids have names on their heads...just in case someone forgets! Ha

Wendi said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your new schedule! We miss having you at lunch. :-( Let's all do a happy hour soon to catch up!