Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wisconsin Trip

Last Tuesday, Nick, Cole, Auntie Em and I flew to Green Bay for a week vacation. We met the rest of the family up there and headed straight to Crivitz. Nick's Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy have an awesome cottage right on the lake so besides being SO fun, it's so relaxing also!
Once we got there, Dan and Judy's two girls Anna and Emma were pretty excited to see Cole. They had not seen him since last summer so they were anxious to play with him.
This picture is of Gramma Tracy and Emma walking with Cole. This is the view from their cottage...pretty amazing!
Emma walking down to the boat ramp with Cole, how sweet are they!
While at the cottage, it is filled with lots of boating, skiing, tubing and fishing. Unfortunetely the fishing wasn't too great this time of year, so we opted out of getting fishing lisences. Nick did get in a few minutes with this high-tech fishing rod. :) Snoopy rods are the greatest!
Like I said before, we spent a ton of time out on the boat. I was even proud of myself, I got up on skis! I haven't done it in several years so I was a little rusty.
Ok let me explain.....I promise my drink was the water, but somehow I got stuck holding 2 beers for people and Nick thought it was a funny picture.
Dan and Judy even had a life jacket for Cole. He wasn't quite sure what to think of it as it was a little restricting around his neck, but he didn't seem to mind it too much. Cole still is not a big fan of the water so he did not spend too much time in the lake. He was more content wandering around and exploring around the cottage.
One of the nights, we celebrated Granddad, Judy and Anna's birthdays. Anna turned the big 1-3 so she was pretty excited to be a teenager now! Dennis and Judy, well, I won't tell you their ages, but they both don't look a day over 30!! hehe!
We decided to dress up in honor of Anna's birthday and we also enjoyed an awesome dinner at a fun restaurant.
I think for Granddad's next birthday he should invest in some new reading glasses so he doesn't have to use Aunt Judy's :)
For Anna's birthday, she got a karaoke machine, and Cole had a blast playing with it!

Later on in the week, Blake (Emily's fiance) joined us and we thought it would be fun to get Nick and Blake to battle it out on the tubes. It sure was fun to watch!
This is us in the boat, looking back at Dan and Judy's cottage.

Again, we couldn't get Cole in the water very much, but Gramma Tracy and Granddad did get him out on the hot dog for awhile.
On Saturday, we all made the trip back to Green Bay to attend Nick's cousin Brianne's wedding. I forgot my camera so I didn't get an pictures of the wedding, but it sure was a great time!

Nick, Cole and I, along with Anna and Emma stayed at Nick's grandparents house over the weekend. The girls had a great time playing with Cole and Cole was being a little crazy and wanted to attack the girls and wrestle with them.

Grandma Betty also found some old blocks that Cole could play with

Sunday afternoon, we met up with Gramma Tracy's family and we had a great time visiting with family and watching the kiddos play. Jake and Kerry (the house we went to) have two sets of twins so obviously they had a TON of fun toys for Cole to play with.

This is Cole with the younger twins in "baby jail"

Cole played with all sorts of bikes, jeeps, footballs, etc.
Cole absolutely loved this jeep and he let Ali give him a little ride.
For Granddad's birthday, Aunt Judy got him and Cole matching outfits so we got a picture of them together.
We spent the rest of the weekend back at Granpa Ed and Grandma Betty's and just hung out, played cards and played outside.

This picture is so funny of Cole....I just thought it was so cute, he didn't have any pants on :)
Cole had fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma
He even earned his keep by helping sweep the sidewalk

We truly had such a great time. We were all sad to come back to Dallas, especially when we drive home and the car says it is 107 degrees outside!! Not cool!! I want to go back to Wisconsin, where you can be outside all day and not pass out from head exhaustion and where you have to wear long sleeves at night because it gets chilly......Oh Dallas, how I did not miss you!!

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